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Best Wireless Printers and Business Printers 2018 Buyers Guide

Are you searching for the Best Wireless Printers? You have landed in a correct place. Here, you will definitely find a wireless printer of your choice. We have listed five high-end wireless printers to complete your large print jobs.

Best Wireless Printers for Corporate Use

There were the days when you have to wait for several minutes for completing just a single page print job. Today, we have several high-speed printers easily available in the market. Now, you only have to wait a few seconds and your print job is done. Nowadays, you can easily print, copy and scan via these printers. Moreover, you just have to bear the cost of the printer and you can speedily complete your bulk printing jobs. We have reviewed five best and latest wireless printers that you can buy in 2018.

Sharp Taurus MX-M654N Wireless Printers

Sharp Taurus series is the fastest giant printer from ABD Office Solutions. Also, it serves multi-function capabilities. You can easily print, copy and scan at a processing speed of about 65 pages per minute. Moreover, you get a customizable 10.1-inch big touchscreen display. In addition, this is a wireless printer with monochrome printing technology. Also, you can connect this printer to USB. Thus, you can print/Scan via a network or you can use USB for print/Scan.

Wireless Printers

The printer can hold a rated maximum of 3,200 sheets. Here, you get three inbuilt trays – two sheet drawers, a tandem tray and a bypass tray for carrying sheets. Basically, This is a large-sized printer that can serve your large print jobs. Also, it contains an advanced internal finisher that automatically arranges the pages and staples them. We have tested this printer on several parameters. Here, the thing we liked the most is that the first copy comes out from this printer at a record time of 3.9 seconds.

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HP – Color LaserJet Enterprise flow M880z Wireless Printers

This is an excellent printer from a very reliable brand – HP. It relies on LaserJet technology. It has a standard sheet capacity of 4100 sheets. You can print, fax, scan and copy at a speed of 46 pages per minute. In addition, It has a customizable 8-inch big touchscreen display. Moreover, the device also offers the capability of mobile printing via touch.

Wireless Printers

Here, you get advanced internal finishing features. Also, you can easily share your file to email or cloud. It is a high-performance printer with an external keyboard and intuitive large-sized display. First Print Out Time is about 11 seconds which means its processing speed is quite fast. Moreover, it offers high resolution of 600dpi. Further, you can quickly on this device with its inbuilt Instant-ON technology.

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Lexmark 47B1285 Monochrome Wireless Printers

This is another large-sized printer that can serve your large print jobs. It contains an extra large 10.2-inch Touchscreen with intuitive capabilities. Also, it offers flexible finishing options to its users. Moreover, you can easily preview your documents and perform print, scan and copy jobs. You can also share your documents with email and fax.

Wireless Printers

It has high-quality and fast printing capabilities. Also, It relies on monochrome laser printing technology which helps you to take out high-quality prints. Moreover, it has high input capacity with fast processing speed. In addition, it has a lower weight than several other printers. You can integrate this printer either wirelessly or with USB.

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Printronix SL53X6-1102-00 Thermal Transfer Wireless Printers

Printronix has served its customers for more than 40 years in providing high-end printers. It relies on thermal transfer printing technology. Also, you can connect this printer with ethernet, USB, and wireless like other printers. In addition, it is a robust energy saving printer providing specialized function printing solutions. Moreover, it is basically a high-end line matrix printer.

Wireless Printers

They manufacture high-performance barcode printers. Here, you can easily print receipts and labels for your company. In addition, talking of its dimensions, this printer has a height of about 13 inches, length about 20.5 inches, and width about 13.4 inches. Here, you can use several interfaces like – Ethernet, serial, parallel, USB 2.0.

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Datamax C83-00-48000S04 Thermal Transfer Wireless Printers

This is another barcode printer by a big brand name Datamax. Alike above printer, It also uses direct thermal or thermal transfer technology. Also, you can connect this printer via parallel or USB or ethernet. Moreover, you get a maximum print speed of about 304 mm/s. In addition, you can achieve a very high-resolution of about 300 dpi.

Wireless Printers

Here, you can easily print vehicle-mounted label, receipt and RFID printing. Thus, it is highly useful in auto industry. Further, It is a high performance and special function printer.  In addition, the software of this printer is quite intelligent in performing its print jobs.
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