WhatsApp tricks

WhatsApp tricks – Latest tips, tricks and hacks of WhatsApp

How well do you know your WhatsApp? Day by day, latest features, and updated versions are added by WhatsApp to enhance its accountability. Hence, from time to time you need to update your WhatsApp to have access to its new features. Moreover, latest features usually come with several WhatsApp tricks and hacks that you need to know.

Whatsapp tricks

Today, WhatsApp has changed a lot with its new features like – video calls, GIF, WhatsApp status and many other add-on features.  In addition, there are several secret WhatsApp tricks that will help you to use WhatsApp more efficiently. That’s why we have curated several latest WhatsApp tricks that you may not know. Read more>>

Latest WhatsApp tricks

WhatsApp trick to use multiple WhatsApp Accounts

WhatsApp tricks

Today, people usually use dual sim phones. A problem that people usually face by using dual sim phones is that they are not able to add another WhatsApp Account on a single device. This is because a single device allows you to have access to a single WhatsApp account. That is, you cannot have two Whatsapp accounts with two different phone numbers on a single phone.

Don’t worry! we have a simple trick to solve your problem. First of all, you need to install a free application from play store – Parallel SpaceParallel Space helps you create a separate space for your second WhatsApp account. Hence, you can use two accounts simultaneously on a single device using this wonderful app.

Listen to Whatsapp Voice messages privately

WhatsApp tricks

Many times, you are in public places and you arbitrary play any new voice message. Oh no! a big mistake! So, embarrassing! Now, listen to voice messages privately and also without a headphone. Just you need to play the voice message near your ear and your problem is solved. How? Almost, all phones have a built-in proximity sensor. When you play anything near your ear, the sensor gets activated turning off the speakers. Now, you can hear any voice message in Public without letting others listen to your voice message.

 WhatsApp messages: whatsapp text formatting color

WhatsApp tricks

Now, change the format of any WhatsApp message text formatting color to bold or italics or strike-through before you actually send it to your friends. check out some whatsapp text formatting tricks.

  • Add a star both at the start and the end of the message to see a message in Bold For example, *I like Slashbug* will appear as I like Slashbug.
  • Likewise, add underscore for Italics. For example, _I like Slashbug_ will appear as I like Slashbug.
  • Similarly, your friends will be able to see a strike-through message if you add ~ at the beginning and at the end of the message. For example, ~I like Slashbug~ will appear as I like Slashbug.

Amazing trick! In addition, you can also combine these formatting tricks to type some amazing text messages. Like – *_I like Slashbug_* will appear as I like Slashbug, *_~I like Slashbug~_* will appear as I like Slashbug

Spy on your friend’s WhatsApp Account

whatsapp spy on your friend chat and messages simply by spoofing MAC address. Read >> Easy Working Methods to Hack WhatsApp Account and Spy/Access Chat History.

Secure your WhatsApp Account

First of all, avoid your WhatsApp Account to be hacked by your friend. Moreover, save your account especially from any backfire. Enable two-step verification in your WhatsApp settings. This amazing feature of WhatsApp helps you protect your WhatsApp account from hacking.

Turn off whatsapp blue ticks

whatsapp Blue ticks help the sender to know that his message was read by the recipient. But, what if you don’t want your sender to know this as a result, no blue ticks. You can turn off blue ticks by reading the messages while your flight mode is “ON”.

Pin Chats in whatsapp

WhatsApp tricks

You receive several WhatsApp messages daily. However, few chats are really important for you to read urgently. But, sometimes it gets lost in several messages or you have to scroll down a lot to see it again and again. Don’t worry, because you can easily pin whatsapp chats from important chat to come at the top of all the chats. Just long press on the chat you want to pin, then select pin option. As a result, the chat will be pinned at the top.

Change whatsApp language

Chatting in your mother tongue is usually amazing. Due to this, WhatsApp has a noteworthy feature to change the language. Go to Settings>Chats>App Language. Thus, select any language and chat with your family and friends in your regional language.

Translate WhatsApp message

You can easily install Language Translator on your device. Due to this app, you can translate any relevant WhatsApp text message to any other language.

Share GIFs in WhatsApp

Now, you can easily share GIFs in WhatsApp without creating your own GIFs. WhatsApp has a new feature where it has added several GIFs. You can easily find this option by clicking on to smiley option in any chat. A small GIF option will appear at the bottom of smileys page.

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