What to do when you’re bored and have a Computer

Hello there, i hope you are doing good. So, you are bored?? i assume that you know every possible way to have fun with your computer, but there is still some secret left that you don’t know yet, and at some point of time you might have thought about it, like what else i can do with my computer to kill my boring time. If you did, then scroll down through this article and follow the ideas. 


Things to do on a computer when you are bored:

Backup your laptop or PC:  Go and perform a backup, this is for safety. Not so boring, you can have fun thinking which data to backup and simultaneously you will gain experience which will be in future. You should perform a backup for every 2 months. If you are on Linux, use Areca Backup, or on windows, then use Comodo Backup.

Check out your e-mail: You might have felt very lazy or busy to regularly clear out all the e-mails, so now it’s time to do it. process and eliminate the junk from your mail box.

Care about your devices:  It’s time to take care of your gadgets and devices, pay attention to them, if required perform an update, check the hardware components of those devices. 

Stay secure with strong passwords: Verify your online activity, and make sure you use strong passwords to them, if possible change the passwords. considering the recent events, you need to check twice if you are secured or compromised. changing the passwords frequently is a good practice to stay safe. There are good softwares available in the market to manage and secure your passwords, it’s worth checking when you are bored. 

Discover new: search for something new other than your interest, explore the other side, you can try out some softwares which are accessed in the web with out installing them to your computer, give them a try, they might save your time in the future. some of those softwares like online photo editor and online office.

uninstall unwanted software: Manage your disk space, and maintain your system performance, by uninstalling the unwanted software which might cause slowing down your computer or occupying lot of space. perform this activity for once a month. 

Go social: Search for new content in social media, find what your friends likes and shares. if your are single or broke up, then search your dream partner online with social media sites. Here are some apps that might be useful for you, Tinder, happn, Meetmeup etc.

if i find more ideas for killing your boring time, i will add those here. stay tuned. 


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