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Top 10 Best Weight Loss Apps and Diet Apps with Calorie Counter

Weight loss is an important part in everyday lifestyle, it deals with our health, food intake and our everyday habits. To achieve this,there are many tricks and techniques but among them with love of technology we have some brilliant Weight loss apps which are incredibly useful and easier than ever to track your calorie intake.

Well, don’t be surprised about the reason that I am writing regarding the best weight loss apps here in this blog. I choose to write about it because weight loss and diet management are necessary in our everyday lifestyle. Which plays key role in our habits and health in this addicted tech generation, where we depend mostly on technology. So, i planned to focus on my diet and food habits to make sure I am healthy and balanced and suggesting you the same with my experience.

In order to cope with this, I decided you to show case some of the best weight loss apps and diet apps here. There is slimming app to get you slimmer, and calorie watch app to count calories, and best diet app to maintain good diet. which I believe will help you as well for your healthy life style goals.

Latest iPhones and Android phones include powerful sensors that track your activities, and these Best Weight loss Apps will integrate with it’s hardware and the software of your smart phone, like they use the available sensors and features to let you know your calorie burn, calorie watch feature, calorie calculator, app to loose weight, to get you in shape by slimming app, food intake measurement and heart rate etc.

Best weight loss apps

Along with these weight loss apps, there are also smart watches and fitness tracking devices which integrate in to these apps for more accurate tracking details. I will talk about these in my next post.

Best Weight Loss Apps for Android and iOS:

1. Loose it! (Weight loss that fits)

Among calorie counters, Lose It! does it with a budget for each user based on weight loss goals and lets you track against it. In the App interface you can find foods and make an estimate of  your food intake with calorie count. This app also supports various wearable devices that enhances the tracking.

I personally enjoy the reminder pop up feature in the app, which is a plus feature of motivation. Speaking of motivation, as an added plus. More features included are carbs, fat, and body measurements, as well as help with meal and exercise planning.

Cost: Free version with ads or $39/year with more features. | Available on iOS and Android

2. MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter App and Exercise Journal

Rated 5 stars on PC Mag and good ratings on other sources. If you want to seriously know about your calorie burn count then this app is the best calorie counter app. In fact it is leading resource in nutrition tracking. Users input their current weight and goal weight and then are assigned to a calorie count per day depending on their height and personality. User can also log meals and calculate the calorie and protein count.

Cost: free | Available on iOS and Android

3. Sweatcoin – Earn Money while you get fit!

This is my favorite app that gives me more motivation to work out because i can earn some bucks while i work. Sweatcoin has those features as a regular fitness app does.

You will earn 1 sweatcoin for 1000 steps. For 5 sweatcoins you can have an option to opt some other services from sweatcoin. These services include a personal fitness trainer and guidance.

Cost: free and have in-app purchases | Available on Android and iOS

4. Weight Watchers – Best Free App to Loose Weight

The interesting feature of this app is it helps dieters identify the best foods with calorie details according to the weight loss goal. User will have an option to set the weight loss goal, based on this the app suggests personalized target to achieve the points.Users can log what you ate, and track exercise specific to you.

Cost: free version with limited options and paid starting at $4

Available on iOS and Android

5. Diet Hero App – Best Diet App

This is good alternative to manage your eating habits and be proactive, rather than counting calories. All you have to do is just input what food you ate, then the the app will give suggestions of what to eat etc. According to your weight, height, gender, and your preferred weight to loose the app will tell your food choices and diet plan to meet your goals.

Cost: Free | Available on iOS only

6. Fooducate – Best Free Calorie Counter App and Food Tracker App

As the name suggests, it’s all about the food, includes a Food Tracker. You take the picture of the food, then the app identifies and tells you it’s quality and nutrition information. Instead of extracting the nutrition details on the box or package, find them in this app. By the nutrition information you can know the calorie counter details. Also you can know more about the food in the app community by asking questions.

Cost: free | Available on iOS and Android

7. Noom – Slimming App

When an stands top with proven results with 77% women and 84% men loose their weight with this app. The chances are high here, just enter your goals and weight then the app sets up for you and makes a weight loss goal. I can say it is also a slimming app to get slim. There is an activity monitor to track steps and various activities where users can also link to apps as google fit and fitness tracking devices like fitbit. The best features include exercise tracking, weight tracking, daily calorie intake and calorie counting.

Cost: free version with limited features and paid starting from $59/month

Available on Android and iOS

8. Nudge – Calorie Calculator App

This app integrates through all your fitness tracking apps, and gives to a right goal and suggestion with combination of other apps to help you achieve weight loss. You can interact in social hub, where you can get suggestions, ideas and tips to motivate and inspire you on work outs.

Cost: free | Available on iOS and Android9

9. iPhone Health App – Daily Calorie Intake

Apples exclusive Health fitness app.  This app appears simple at first glance, but it hides a lot of data and advanced functionality. There are some great features and options like Medical ID, Health Data, Sources etc. All you need to know is how to configure the app and make it work for you. In the new update you can track your daily calorie Intake just by adding you food details.

Cost: Free | Available on iOS only

10. Nike+ Training Club

Get inspired, workout with Nike Master Trainers and train better together. The Nike+ Training club app includes a personal trainer, 100+ work out options, expert guidance with instructional audio and video clips, personalized plans that suits for you and it counts and tracks all your activity even sports and yoga. Among the other Weight loss apps listed above, this app has it’s own style or sportive motivation.

Cost: free | Available on Android and iOS

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