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Wearable Technology – Interesting Facts About Wearable Tech

Wearable technology is the most innovative technology of this decade. Also, it has a bright future as people seem quite ready for smart wearable devices. Nowadays, you can easily find several wearable devices on the market. These products are usually marketed under style and fitness niche. In this post, we look forward to discussing the effectiveness of this technology. Also, you will learn about several interesting facts regarding this technology.

Interesting Facts About Wearable Technology

It is expected that plenty of other types of wearables will enter the market for sale globally.  The most expected ones are – new and improved versions of – smart shoes, VR glasses, smart bands, and smartwatches. However, you can easily purchase smart shoes in different parts of the world. But, worldwide most commonly available wearable technology gadgets are –

Wearable technology in Smartwatches industry

Best Smartwatch, Wearable technology

Nowadays, you can easily find smartwatches for you. Smartwatches are the best wearable high-tech devices of the new generation. Many big and recognized brands thrown themselves into manufacturing of smartwatches. These include – Apple, Fitbit, Huawei, LG, and Samsung etc. Read our review and buying guide

Smartwatches apart from displaying time offer multi-functionality. They monitor your daily workouts and displays your burnt calories.  In addition, while doing your daily workouts, you can stream your favorite music via Smartwatch. Also, Day by day, the sales of smartwatches are increasing. Till the end of this year (2018), the sales of the smartwatches are expected to increase by about 88% as compared with the last year (2017). Source

Wearable Technology in Healthcare

Wearable technology

In ancient periods, there was a culture to wear copper bracelets that hold the potential to improve your health. Also, stones and jewelry were worn for prosperity and well-being. Nowadays, technology comes connected with wearables. Most of the wearable smart devices manufacturers boast off health effectiveness. But, in this post, we will discuss only its tangible benefits.

Self Collection of Clinical data

Inbuilt sensors of wearable devices help you to track your clinical information. Also, the collection of clinical data becomes easy because people wear the devices close to their body. In addition, they usually wear them all day long. Thus, you can check all ups and downs of your health. Usually, these smart wearable devices are used to monitor heart-rate, Blood-pressure, calories-burnt per day and physical activities. Although, these devices promote the self-collection of clinical data. But, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need a doctor now. Till now, these devices are not capable of analyzing the collected information and providing any treatment to you.

Detection of Chronic diseases

A lot of work is going on to improve wearable technology. The days are not far off when the wearable devices will detect chronic diseases. An Android App Dexcom G5 is capable of displaying real-time diabetes information. Also, Diabetes is the most common disease that the world is facing today. Here, the app helps you view your real-time glucose levels on your smart devices like – smartphones and smartwatches. So, you can imagine a great level of advancement in this subject in near future.

Wearable Technology in Entertainment and Games

wearable technology

Virtual reality headsets and VR 3D glasses are a breakthrough in wearable technology. They have changed the gaming world experience. You can use these to play a huge variety of games with VR experience. You can also enjoy 3D movies on your Video Player with this VR system. Moreover, they offer a great sense of comfort level to your eyes. Thus, you can comfortably watch your 3D movies and play your games with this VR system. Check out this product at Amazon.

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Wearable Technology Future

The future of wearable technology is very bright and alluring. Worldwide, many big brands like Apple and Fitbit are spending huge money on R&D. Also, the sales of smart wearables are increasing manifolds day by day. You will surely see a breakthrough development in this technology. Also, there are several industries moving a step ahead towards this technology. We look forward to the following products that will trend in the future markets –

  • Smart clothes
  • Wearable smart jewelry
  • Smart fashionable accessories
  • Wearable computers
  • Smart wearable products for disables
  • Wearable gadgets for detection of chronic diseases like Cancer
  • Smart wearable products to help surgeons

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