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Bored with the way your old Laptop look??? Don’t have enough money to change your laptop??? Do you want a Touch Screen Laptop???

You all know how amazing is the touch-screen technology. But, technology changes so fast these days that you are required to purchase a new phone and a new laptop every year. This is a huge wastage of money. But, there’s definitely no need to purchase a new laptop when you can easily convert it into a touch screen laptop.

Yes, you can easily convert your old and boring laptop into a touch screen laptop. There are two low-cost gadgets available in the market that will help you in this. So, there’s no need to invest a lot of money to purchase a new laptop. We have described the gadgets that will definitely help you. We have also provided the link to the website with the titles of the gadgets, where you can purchase these gadgets.




Touch screen laptop


The AIRBAR gadget is a very low-cost gadget made by Neonode that can help you to convert your old laptop into a touch-screen easily. Moreover, you have to just plug-in the gadget to set up to perform the work. Usually, the gadget is placed near the bottom of the laptop screen to increase the performance of the gadget. Actually, Airbar projects an invisible light onto the screen of your laptop. This helps the laptop to detect your touch input. You can perform several touch functions like – scroll, zoom, swipe, and select.


Touch Screen Laptop


Moreover, you didn’t require to download any type of software with this device. In addition, this is a very light-weight portable device. It is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and OS. You can attach it either to your laptop or your PC to convert them into a touch-screen.


Touch Screen laptop

e-Touch Pen also helps you to convert your laptop into a touch-screen. However, touch function only works by touching the screen with the tip of this e-Touch pen. It performs its works with the help of a combination of ultrasound and infrared technologies.  This combination helps to emit the light that helps in detecting the stylus on the screen. The e-Touch Pen works well on Windows 8 platform.  The only drawback of this device is that you have to calibrate this device after attaching its cords to your laptop.

However, you can easily use this device without any hassle. Moreover, It utilizes a scratch free tip of its pen so that your laptop screen will not get scratched after using this device. It is also easy to write on the screen with the help of this pen. You can also draw, signature and play games by using this pen.

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