Best Hacking Tools of 2017: hacker tool kit free download for Windows, Linux

Many of you have been searching on google for hacker tool kit or best hacking tools kit, something like that, but these search results end up with getting other than the expected results. This is because, there is no such complete all in one tool exists or what you are searching is not accurate. I made this post specifically for whom they failed to find the exact result they are looking for. Here in this article, i have listed best hacking tools and hacking apps.

These Hacking tools and Hacking apps supports on various computers and smartphones. Go through them and try it yourselves to get better understanding, you can thank me later.

Please note: all these Best Hacking Tools are free, and we have provided these information for Educational Purposes only, we don’t encourage malicious activities.

Let’s start Hacking: Best Hacking Tools of 2017

Here’s the list of best ethical hacking tools for Windows PC, Linux OS and MAC OS

1. Nmap – Used to scan Ports and Map Networks

nmap network hacking tool

Nmap is know as Network Mapper, it is an Open source free hacking tool. It is used for Network discovery and security auditing. More than thousands of System administrators and hackers use Nmap for networking analyses, managing services and upgrading networks. Nmap, as a tool, uses Raw IP packet to findout the available hosts on the network. The search differs of what type or services the networks are running, the type of operating system, type of firewall/packet filters and their versions. There are many benefits of using Nmap, this the fact that is admin’s favorite tool. Nmap is available in console and Graphical User Interface, it can also run on most type of computers like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Supported platforms and download:

Nmap is available for all Windows, Linux and MAC OS. Here’r the download link

2. Metasploit – Vulnerability Exploitation Tool

metasploit hacking tool

Metasploit Framework is highly successful project in pentesting or hacking framework. This is one of the hackers favorite tool, and widely used by most of security professionals and hackers. This tools can help to find vulnerabilities in different platforms and it helps you to get insights and reveal the weakness of your system.  There are two versions of metasploit available, one is paid and the other is open source.

Most of nights are metasploit nights I have worked on this to deep, almost i fell in love with this as never before. This Metasploit hacking tool so powerful that you can break the most hardest stuff.

3. Wireshark – Web Vulnerability Scanners

wireshark network scanner

This is another popular pentesting tool, that reached a large demand in short span of time from the date  introduced. Wireshark captures network traffic and data traffic and displays the information that can be understood by humans. Some of the notable features are filters and color-coding. These let user dig deep and inspect packets in network traffic. Most security professionals and Cyber security practitioner use WireShark. If you want to become one of them you have to learn WireShark. it is possible to find some tutorials online and learn. I will adding information about online tutorials in my next post.

Supported platforms and download:

This network analyzer tool runs on Windows, Linux and OS X. Here’s the download link

4. Aircrack-ng -Password Cracking tool

aircrack-ng password cracking tool

The Aircrack-ng hacking tool is primarly for cracking WiFi networks. It is a key cracking tool that can recover the data packets which have been captured in an 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys. For professionals, Aircrack-ng, is preferred tool for pentesting and auditing wireless networks with standard FMS , Korek and PTW attacks can make attacks more potent.

5. Maltego – Digital Forensics

maltego digital forensics tool

Maltego is an Open Source forensics tool, that can do mining and information gathering to display an overview of cyber threats around you. It can show and picture of points of failure in your infrastructure.

Maltego is great hacking tool that scans the real world links between people, companies, websites, DNS names, domaines, IP address and more.

Supported platforms and download:

Maltego is available on Windows, Linux and MAC OS X. Here’s the download link

6. John The Ripper – Password Cracking Tool

john the ripper password cracking software

John The Ripper is the free open source password cracking tool, it is commonly used to perform dictionary attacks. Using the text string examples and encrypts in the same as the password is being cracked and it compares the output with the encrypted string that also works offline can be called as “offline password cracker”

Supported platforms and download:

This password cracking tool is available on Windows, Linux and OS X. Here’s the download link

7. Nikto – Website Vulnerability Scanner Hacking Tool

nikto network security tool

Nikto is an awesome web sever scanner, that comprehensively tests web-servers for multiple items, dangerous files, oudated server problems and other files. It scans for outdated versions of 1300 servers. we will be posting some tutorials to learn Nikto, stay tuned.

8. w3af – Web application Scanner Hacking Tool

w3af - web application attack

w3af stands for Web Application Attack and Audit Framework. it is an open source web application security scanner which is mostly used by hackers and penetration testers.  It claims to identify more than 200 vulnerabilities, even having the interests on SQL Injection, PHP miss-configurations and cross-site scripting. This tool is easy and convenient to use with support of both GUI and Linux command line. So, in less than few clicks, a beginner is able audit the security of web application.

Supported platforms and download:

Available of Linux, MAC OS X, and older versions of windows supported. Here’s the Download Link

9. Social Engineer Toolkit

social engineer toolkit trustedsec set

This is the complete package and playground for you Hacking fantasies. TrustedSec’s Social-Engineer Toolkit is an advanced framework for simulating many types of social engineering attacks like phishing attacks, seeking credentials etc.

This is a standard tool for Social Engineering Penetrating tests based on python with over two million downloads.

Supported platforms and download:

This tool is pre-installed in Kali Linux distributions. Partially Supported for Windows and MAC OS.

Other Best Hacking Tools and Security Tools of 2017:

Forensics Tools – EnCase, Autospy, Helix3 Pro

Traffic Monitoring Tools – Argus, Ngrep, Nagios, Splunk

Web Vulnerability Scanners – Burp Suite, AppScan, OWASP Zed, Paros Proxy, Grendel-Scan

Debuggers – IDA Pro, Immunity Debugger, GDB, WinDbg

Encryption Tools – KeePass, Tor, OpenSSL, OpenSSH/PuTTY/SSH

Rootkit Detectors – DumpSec, Tripwire, HijackThis

Port Scanners – Angry IP Scanner, NetScanTools, Unicornscan

We hope you had fun with our List of Best Hacking and Security Tools of 2017. Happy Hacking!

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