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Top 5 Spy Apps For Android and iOS – Best hidden for mobile

With the help of spy apps for android you can keep a check over the actions of your spouse, teen, partner, or employee. You can secretly view the activities of any person by using undetectable spy app for Android. These spying applications work great on Android smartphones, as well as on iPhones. These spy app for android are able to spy on SMS, IM texts, MMS, WhatsApp chats, Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, Skype, GPS location, call logs, Internet browsing history, and much more.

List of Spy apps for Android and iOS:

Spy apps for Android are extremely popular these days. They are very user-friendly and make them the top choice for many people. Moreover, the spy app for Android mobile phones are also easy to use and the process of their installation is as simple as 1-2-3.

1. mSpy

mSpy phone tracker app is the best and number one rated app. It is the most favourite and trusted tracking app amongst the people around the globe which can be proven if you go through the reviews of this app. This spy app for smartphone needs a special mention undoubtedly. It offers its customers many useful tracking features to monitor once it is installed. It is not detectable on the targeted device.

The main features and functions that mSpy offers are:

2.Find the social media messages of Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook. blocking websites
3.Wi-Fi network control
4.Call blocking
5.Data wipe and remote lock.
6.It is compatible on all Apple products as well as Android products. Its software has been rated the topmost when it comes to the compatibility to devices. It can be quickly and easily installed.

When we compare all the tracking apps available in the market we can conclude that mSpy has its rank on the top most. It is the most globally accepted and used tracking app. A favourite amongst all types of customers.

2. Highster mobile

This app has found its rank on the top list because of its affordable prices as well as its features. This is one of the cheapest software that can be used to monitor and track other devices which works without a root or a jailbreak and can support lots of devices depending on your needs. Highster is easy to use with all the functions of this application. It is able to track SMS and MMS messages, pictures, videos calls, browsing history of social networking sites and many more things. It can also track phone theft. The Highster tracking application is able to work on iPhone and iPads with the iOS versions as well as on Android mobiles too.

3. Flexispy

This app offers spilying the professional way. It is built with very powerful features and is supported to the Apple and Android devices as well as the Blackberry. The activities of the targeted phone can be tracked by using this Mobile Spy program easily. Its main features include reading SMS and MMS messages, GPS fine tracking, social media surfing, website and applications spying. There are many extra advanced features to this app which may need payment of extra money. It is one of the most expensive tracker app for the cell phones.

4. iKeyMonitor

This is a good middle ground choice from the available spy apps, in terms of its features and prices. It has a few added functions mainly we with a keylogger but does not have very advanced features. To easily track your loved ones this is a good choice. The core program of this app is keyloging to track the targeted phone. It is easily done with this app. It can track passwords, websites, emails, social media messages, notes etc. If your device is not rooted or jailbroken you may not be able to have access on some of its features. This app is supported and has compatibility to Apple as well as Android phones. This app supports 10 languages including Chinese and Japanese. You can take a 3 day trial for free.

5. PhoneSheriff

This tracker app is a popular tracker app amongest the parents.. Though it does not run undetected on the targeted phone it has been found to be very useful. There are two options available in this app- filtering and logging. Filtering feature provides you to block apps, websites, and receive alerts in your child’s phone. It also has an alarm time restriction and remote locking in case of theft. In the logging feature parents can  access the Internet history, text messages, and photos and then there is the GPS tracking too. It is compatible for all Apple products but must be jail broken along with Android and Blackberry products too.

Bonus: Xnspy

Xnspy is a trusted app to spy on someone. The app has positive reviews with respect to its features and performances. It is completely undetectable once it is installed on the target device and it does its work very smartly. You don’t need to Root or Jailbreak your Android or iPhone respectively to use this app. Its monthly subscription is as cheap as $8 a month. With this app, you can monitor the phone calls and messages, access Instant Messenger chats, track location, read emails, monitor online activities, record phone calls and surroundings, view photos, videos and calendar entries, and remotely control the target device.

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