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Top 10 Time Management Tips for School, Exam, Students, Moms and Employees

Hey, busy bees! Have you ever thought about a perfect time management strategy can be a savior for your day to day busy schedule?  It’s pretty obvious you all might definitely have thought about it. But could you find the best time management tips that would provide you with an escape? Sorry, but I doubt. What if I say I have words of wisdom from experts that tell you about how to manage time judiciously? And that sounded pretty good, Isn’t it? So, without wasting much of your time lets directly take you to the top 10 time management tips for School, Exam, Students, Moms and Employees or in your day to day life.

Top 10- Effective Time Management tips

Down run the list of best of all time management skills ever.

Definitely, you would like to read about all these time management techniques in detail. So here we go-

The two minutes rule

time management

This is absolutely the magic rule. Though it seems to make no big difference, I dare you. Try two minute rule for a week and you will experience the change. So what the rule says? All you have to do is just quickly try to finish things which take less than 2 minutes at the spot. Don’t delay them or keep them for later.  For instance, putting the things back to a place from where you took it, making an important call etc. This is absolute secret time management tips for university students.

Pack the night before

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Yes, this is the best way to make your mornings perfect. Get everything little thing just before going to bed that will consume your time in the morning. This may include packing your bags, placing your keys, relevant cards, choosing the clothes etc. You can even go a step ahead. Pre-prepare your morning meal. Stick all the ingredients you need in the blender jar the night before and store it in the fridge. And you are all ready for a perfect morning with these tips for effective time management.

Bonus tip: effective time management tool when cooking

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Manage your time while cooking and when you are in the kitchen. It is not easy to regularly look at the time, and trying to be hurry up in your cooking process. so, to manage your time effectively in the kitchen we have gathered some tech products and gadgets that automate your most of the work in the kitchen while cooking. Please check these time management tools for boost your productivy when your cooking.

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Check e-mail twice a day

tips for time management

This is another effective time management tip that won’t seems to create a big difference but it turns out to be miraculous for the phone addicts. Every time their screen flashes with a notification they lose all their concentration and start using their mobile phone especially Whatsapp, Instagram, and other social media. This leads to unnecessary time waste. Better you turn off those alerts and restrict yourself to an allotted time twice a day. Believe me these tips for time management will find yourself less distracted and focusing more deeply on other tasks.

Manage your cards

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Are you also worried about carrying too many gift cards in your wallet?  Stay tuned, these time management skills are must to be developed within you. Collect all you card together and punch a hole in the corner of each card. Now slide them onto a key ring.  Now, this bunch of cards becomes super easy to carry and there is no chance of displacement. But be careful while punching. Make sure you don’t punch the hole through the barcode or magnetic strip.

To-Do Lists

time-saving tips

Your busy schedule makes you forget many of the smaller jobs and resulting in a heap of jobs to do later on. So from the next time don’t miss any of your jobs. Get everything out of your head and into a notebook or even better why not take advantage of existing time management applications. Download apps online like Microsoft to-do or Google Keep that would help you to maintain your to-do list. This way you will have a clear mind for the day’s tasks ahead and you won’t skip any of the jobs.

 A home for everything

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If you are a bunch of people living together, ask everyone to take care of their own responsibility. For example- teach children that all items must live in a home. Shoes are put by the door when they get in from school, coats go on the hook and school-bags chucked into baskets. This will keep the house organized and clean, as well as save you time in the morning – you’ll know where everything is! And then you will never look for how to manage time every now and then.

Bonus tip: time management tool 

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time management tips at work

Automation has become very common nowadays. Hence utilize automation to save you time. Automate as many things as possible. For instance, instead of going to the grocery store every week you may use InstaShop or any other online grocery option. Paying all your bills online also saves much of your time. Try these time management techniques and make your life easy and beautiful!

First things first

prioritization tip to save time

Undoubtedly, time is money. You save time you save money. And in the process of time management prioritization brings wonders to your busy schedule. All you need to do is to prepare a priority task list. The most essential task for the day must have done at an earliest possible hour in the morning. This will certainly help you to finish the majority of your task before the end of the day. This time management tip mainly suites for entrepreneurs, managers and working professionals.

Plan your week

how to manage time

Here is another time-saving tip that is planning. Planning is too necessary. You can’t manage everything along with your busy days and night without planing. Knowing how your upcoming week is going to look like is definitely a big time-saving tip. So take time to plan your week beforehand.

Don’t be available all time

tips for time management

This is the most important time management hack all of all. If people find you available all the time they will find one or the other way to waste your time. So don’t be readily available. Consider my case, I always keep my phone on silent and return calls in batches. It saves me a good time in return.

Exam Time Management Tips

Exam Time Management Tips

Most difficult of all is the examination hours for every one of us. Students have to implement effective time management activities for high school students. Even students who are hard-working and ardent in their studies, lose out during exams. So let’s discuss the effective time management tips for university students.

  • Know your exam: The best way to beat your fear is to know it better. In this case, students must be aware of the pattern or format of their respective subject examination. Not only the pattern and format students need to have a deep study of the syllabus for all the various subject to know it better.
  • Prioritise the topics: Now since you know what types of questions appear in your question paper. You must make up a topic wise priority list that you need to study before your exam. Prioritization at this stage plays a very important role. So be very precise and careful while making up your list.
  • Develop a study schedule: It is important to plan well and be organized much before the examination starts. Developing a study schedule for all tests ensures that adequate time is given for learning each lesson and subject. Check how many days are available and chalk out the plan accordingly.
  • Practice writing quickly: More often we find students complaining about lack of time during the exams. But to be honest those 3hours are just perfect to answer all the questions in the paper provided you are well versed with the syllabus. Therefore our advice would be that you start practicing a couple of days before the first exam date so that you could write everything you know neatly and quickly in the paper
  • Dedicate the first 5 minutes to reading and analyzing question paper: Most of the student find it useless and they directly start doing the paper without having a look at all the questions in the paper. Dedicating 5 minutes in reading and analyzing questions helps you decide which questions to attempt first. And it is well known that examiner creates an impression by checking first few of your answers. So attempting those questions that you know very well could be a plus point for you.
  • Keep an eye on the watch: You can never ignore the time limitation in the exams. So you must wisely decide how much time to give to each question in the paper.

In the end, it’s the time that matter because the clocks are continuously ticking. So we hope you find these time management tips useful. Do comment if you have any more time-saving tips. We would love to hear from your side. Finally, time to bid bye. Take care.

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