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Top 10 Sites like 123movies to Watch/Stream Movies Online

Here we will talk about the list of movie watching sites like 123movies which offer to watch movies online without download. Watching movies online without downloading gives you flexibility to choose your favorite movie along with possibility to save your time. In this days you hardly find time to do something at time, even in the case of entertainment. In regards of this situation you can take advantage in movie watching habit. Make watching movies online as an habit if you are a big movie fan because this way you can save bit of time and gain flexibility but movies in cinema is quality experience. So, I will leave it to you for making your desc ions.

What Happened to 123movies?

123movies webssite is always the best choice to watch movies online it offers wide range of movie in HD quality. In recent times the 123movies website was reported to be offline due to technical reasons but further going through this news there are more reasons causing the website down. If you are a fan of 123movies site and want to know why it’s down? then let’s dig more into the recent happenings.

Due to the content copyright notice from the film makers and producers the site 123movies had to shut down. And the 123movies is considered as most popular pirate site for the movies and it gained lots of users and fans but it went offline on March 19th, the world’s most popular pirate streaming website 123movies, 123movieshub and GoMovies announced that it is shutting down its operation, meaning that it will be no longer available. 

This news got the fans in shock who witnessed a sad message urging them to “respect” the filmmakers and pay for their creativity.

Then the people started to look for the 123movies alternatives and similar websites to watch free movies online.

Top 10 Sites like 123movies

After the shutdown of 123movies, many of their fans and users started searching for the alternative sites like 123movies to watch free movies. Here in this article we are going to list the best sites to watch free movies in HD that belonging to all categories like Action, Horror, Comedy, Crime etc including the regional language movies of specific to each country, among the most famous from India are to Watch Bollywood, Tollywood, hindi, tamil, Telugu movies online.


5movies sites like 123movies website is one of the best alternative sites like 123movies. It offers same level of shows and films. The homepage of will let you choose from various categories of latest movies in all genres. Also the website doesn’t require you to create an account or sign up the movie you like to watch will play as soon as you click the watch now button. In-order to have seamless experience on this site i recommend you to use Ad-blocker extension to avoid the annoying popups, ads etc.


2. Zmovies

Zmovies is another awesome site to watch movies and TV shows online. It is one of the good alternative sites like 123movies and offers wide range of genres of movies from Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Horror, Music, Musical, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Short, Sport, Thriller, War and Western movies to watch online for free. It’s definitely worth checking this site.

Visit Zmovies

3. 123gostream

123gostream is nice alternative to 123movies. It’s simple and easy to choose your favorite movie or TV show that you want to watch. 123gostream offers movies of all genres along with this you can choose the movies from year range, TV shows of the genre you prefer, choose and watch movies according to you preferred country. Here they offer movies from India, France, Japan, UK and canada countries that means most your movie choices are almost covered. I take this website as good site like 123movies without a doubt.

Visit 123gostream

4. is best, fast, safe, easy, and free site to watch movies online and also TV shows, not to say but it also one of cool sites like 123movies in the list. This site offers massive categories and TV shows to watch online for free without downloading or registration. I am sure you gonna like this site and will have much fun exploring, discovering and watching your favorite movies in HD quality for free.


5. gomovies

Without any doubt, GoMovies is the best site to experience the feel and content like 123Movies. on GoMovies you can stream latest movies in HD quality with their simple interface you can choose awesome collection of media content ranging from movies and TV serials. If you want you can download any movie or TV show you prefer. Where you can watch the downloaded content at your ultimate confort and enjoy a great media consumption experience. Go now and watch all the top-rated movies from various categories to choose from their simple search and user interface.

Visit GoMovies

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6. Niter

Another amazing website to perfectly replace the 123movies to get all those features and content. This Niter websites offers a clean interface, HD videos, HD movies in top quality from their excellent collection of the movies and TV shows online. Well to be safe and make sure you are real movie fan and for you to have good movie Streaming experience they need you to just signup for one time for the verification to avoid spam then everything is free, you can access to large collection of movies and TV shows to watch online in HD quality. There is a seperate section Neter offers is to display the recently browsed movies on the homepage which allows you to get the details back instantly and ready to sream.


7. MyDownloadTube

Based on the most free movie streaming website listed here, MyDownloadTube is an awesome alternative among the sites like 123movies. Not just watching movies, but watch TV shows online, in-order to  download those Movies and TV shows to your computer to watch later you need to signup. All of this is possible when you signup and login with you account which then directly allows you to download movies and TV shows in HD for free.

Visit MyDownloadTube

8. Vumoo

Vumoo is my preferred choice and it is one of the best alternative site like 123movies. At Vumoo you can watch movies and TV shows online for free from their huge collection of media data which is updated frequently. I feel like the user interface on the Vumoo is like the Netflix because it shares similar elements from it. Also on this website you can find the latest trending and popping movies in the respective category. I strongly suggest you to try Vumoo.

Visit Vumoo

9. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is there for my life, i always think like this because if i didn’t find the movie i want to watch then SolarMovie is there with their huge collection of movies. And it is one of best site from this list of top websites like 123movies. Without having to create an account you can watch any movie or TV shows. Unlike most of the other free movie streaming site ask us to register to watch movies. Count this in your favorite list of free movie watching sites and go to SolarMovie and enjoy your favorite shows. You can also choose movies according to genre, country, language, and Top IMBD rating to watch movies.

Visit SolarMovie

10. FMovies

This site is quite popular and well known as one of the best sites like 123movies. Not just alternative but it offers streaming of movies and TV shows from their huge collection. Best thing is no need to create an account to watch movies, you head right to FMovies and start watching any movie you like. weather you are looking for sites like 123movies for downloading TV series and your favorite’s movies, you can consider FMovies without any doubt.  filter movie according to the country, genre, and release year and watch it or download it as your wish. I don’t find anything in which they lack. If you are the one who loves to share your feedback after watching movies, there is a comment box also for you.

Visit FMovies

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