How to Take a Good Selfie for Instagram? (Instagram Hot Selfie, Perfect Selfie, Beauty Selfie & Selfie Tips)

It’s Selfie Time! Take the Perfect Selfie for Instagram. Many of you struggle to take a good selfie, but we will guide you in this post to improve your Photography for Instagram with Best Poses and Tips for Selfies. Take better Instagram photos to grow your feed and get more likes and followers. This is indeed the best tip to increase Instagram followers. With good selfie poses you can have the best Instagram Photo Feed and people will want to Follow you more. In this post, we will discuss with you the right methods to take a selfie and tips to explore the best selfie poses. These tips will definitely help you to upload a perfect selfie on your Instagram and other social media platforms.

Tips to Take the Perfect Selfie for Instagram with Best Selfie Poses

Selfie craze is over the top, but, many didn’t know how to take the Perfect Selfie for Instagram. Taking a selfie is simple but taking the perfect selfie becomes tougher. When it comes to uploading on Instagram, you end up using different filters and beautifying techniques.

Best Selfie Angles or Best Selfie Light?

To have the Best Instagram Selfie, is it the Best selfie angle, best selfie light or what else? Let’s say, The perfect selfie, it works. So, in what position to adapt to get a selfie worthy of becoming your next profile picture to improve photography for Instagram? According to Dr. Anukka Lindell, you first have to “avoid facing yourself towards the camera because it makes your face bigger”. The latter advice is to position three quarters to the camera, this will bring out more angles and light up the cheekbones. And the last important thing, this position makes us considerably thinner. Kylie Jenner can go get dressed, we now have all the cards in hand to become the new queen of Instagram.


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You cannot pose like a professional model, but, you can give it a try. We have curated wonderful tips that will help you to capture perfect selfie without any struggle and choosing best selfie poses.

Take a Selfie via Choosing the Right Angle

Best Selfie Poses

Your capture angle matters a lot when you take a selfie. Basically, it is according to your face, hairstyle, and makeup. You must have analyzed that a particular selfie angle looks good for your friend but may not suits you. Mainly, for getting a good selfie for Instagram, you can experiment with tilting your phone to get different angles. Usually, people go with some best selfie poses to create different angles for capture. These include – chin-up / chin-down, head-up / head-down, pout, smiley face, looking away, etc. Choose the right angle that suits you the best.

Right Place for Selfie

Best Selfie Poses

Choosing a right place to take a selfie is very essential. Places like – Beach, mountains, greenery, hotels, malls,… etc. gives you the best ambiance to get perfect selfies. Selfies are not about showing face, it shows off where you are. Forgetting a beauty selfie, perfect place matters a lot. So, if you’re planning a holiday to a perfect destination, don’t forget to take selfies. Don’t forget a selfie stick, for group selfies.

Background matters

Best Selfie Poses

Many times, people hurriedly click selfies without observing their backgrounds and upload it to Instagram. Guys, people notice your background more than anything else. For example, if you’re in a room with a lot of clutters besides you, then you will only end up with embarrassment. So, look out for a good background or clear the clutter first before clicking selfies.

Choose the Right Selfie Style

Best Selfie Poses

Selfie Style matters a lot, being stylish is noticeable and more likable. To get more likes over Instagram, try to choose a right style that suits you. For example – pout with your friends, show a win-win sign, show a different pose like models,…. etc. Choose whatever you want and click your best selfie poses to post on Instagram.

Wear Stylish Glasses

Best Selfie Poses

Stylish glasses suits almost all the people around the world. Choose your perfect stylish goggles and pose whatever. You will look the best irrespective of anything else. It is also the best options for those people who think that there face is not photogenic. So, if you’re not used to glasses, then try to pose your selfies using glasses.

Focus on Natural Light

Best Selfie Poses

Natural Lighting is the key. There is a huge difference between selfies clicked in natural light and that clicked in artificial light. Also, if you beautify with apps and use filters to correct your selfies, then too, it shows. Artificial lights are not good for selfies because smartphones are not that smart as the best digital cameras available in the market. So, try to click when there is natural light or daylight or mornings are the best option.

Take Good selfies in the morning

morning selfie for instagram

In the morning your face is clean, your makeup is fresh, and your hair hasn’t yet been destroyed by wind/humidity/gym class, which makes it the optimal time for a photo.

Use Sunshine Correctly

perfect selfie for instagram

Sometimes, sunshine creates your selfie worst and sometimes it makes you look beautiful. So, it is up to you how you use the sunshine while clicking your selfies. If you’re clicking selfie, see if the shadow is not covering your face. Sometimes, people click a selfie with half face in brightness and the other half in shadow. Don’t do these silly mistakes, try to have the full face in brightness.

Some More Tips on Best Selfie Poses for Instagram

You understood how to take the general selfies now. Now, let’s move forward with special and best selfie poses for different situations. Read further to know how to take a selfie with different poses.

Beauty Selfie

If you’re focussing more about beauty selfie, then a simple smile can do your job. We didn’t suggest you do loud make-ups for a beauty selfie. As make-up is not an option, your simplicity also matters a lot. There is no need for make-up if you have a cute face. If you’re a girl, you can focus on accessories like big earrings, cool neck-piece, nice hair clips…, etc.

No Makeup – Nude Selfies 

Light makeup and nude makeup are the latest in fashion. Try these and avoid loud make-ups in order to not look artificial and funny. Makeup that’s nude looks elegant and beautiful, so opt for these. Many high-class people and top-class models wear nude makeups to attract people and more Instagram likes.

Hot selfie

For hot selfies, try to feel as if you are a model. Try to copy models poses, dressing style, attitude, and much more. The important thing here is attitude, the right attitude makes you look hot in selfies. Now, whenever you take a selfie, try to show an attitude for capturing a hot selfie.

Mirror selfie

Many find their cool selfies by using a mirror, and tag hashtags me on Instagram. For capturing a mirror selfie, be careful what your selfie is showing. Use a suitable angle for clicking mirror selfies. Try to not look at your phone camera while capturing your selfie.

How to Take a Good Selfie for Guys and Girls

Tips for Girls Taking Selfies

Hey girls! Do you want your selfies to be liked more and more? There are several tips for you to take better selfies and choosing best selfie poses.

  • Highlight your new haircut or new earring or a new accessory to get more attention.
  • Don’t forget to smile while clicking your selfie.
  • Show off your features what you think good for you. Some have good eyes, bright face, cute face or nice hairs. Highlight your best features with some make-up.
  • Your expressions matter a lot but keep changing expressions works better. Sometimes use pout, sometimes serious look, maybe sometimes cool also. Just keep changing so as to get more attention.
  • Girls like clicking their face more, but if you take your full-fledged photo then it will look better.

Tips for Boys Taking Selfies

  • Boys look good in serious poses, try to pose serious if you hooked up to only smiling.
  • Selfies speak a lot about you, try to pose naturally. The natural look is the best look that needs nothing extra to focus on.
  • If you have good muscles or six-packed body, then show off. The point is show off the best feature in you.
  • Avoid pretending faces, like sleep pretending or suddenly captured selfie by your friend.
  • Try to avoid mirror selfies, if its hard necessity. Get help from friends, if you are not able to capture yourself, the way you want.

Tips for Cute Selfie Poses

  • Try to look natural in selfies, squeeze your eyes, smile a little and capture the selfie.
  • Try to use back cam because it has greater resolution than the front camera. However, it is a little tough, but you will learn soon if you give it a try.
  • Natural lights are perfect for cute selfie poses, if you find a room with natural light then that’s good for you.

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