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Serpstat Review 2018: Is Serpstat Best SEO Tool for 2018?

Seo (search engine optimization) is very important for any site to increase traffic and ranking of your website. There are many websites that are quite reliable to provide SEO services. These sites are – Serpstat, Semrush, Google keyword planner,… etc. Here, in this serpstat review, we are interested to discuss each and everything about Serpstat, its pros and cons, its features and everything. Also, let’s see how far it can stand as the best SEO tool for 2018. Read the review of Serpstat.

Details About Serpstat SEO Tool

Serpstat This website, Serpstat was launched by Oleg Salamaha and Artyom Borodatyuk in 2014. The purpose of this website is to provide all kinds of search engine optimization (SEO) services to its users.  Serpstat is a good SEO tool that helps a website work well online by providing complete analysis and audit of a website. In addition, you can search focus keywords for your blogs and track online ranking of the website. Further, It also provides analyses of backlinks used by the website, PPC campaigns, and advertising solutions. All in all, Serpstat helps its users to fix SEO errors, compare with other websites and provide them with accurate results so as to improve the ranking of a website. Find out more details, how to use serpstat and it’s key features in this Serpstat review.

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Serpstat Review 2018: is Serpstat Best SEO Tool for 2018?

Serpstat is among one of those seo tools. It is growing rapidly as one of the best competitor research tools in the online content. It’s gaining a lot of attention in the SEO industry due to the features offered by it for an affordable price. Check out our serpstat review to get detailed view of it’s top features and find out why it suites for your online business.

Serpstat Reviews: Features As SEO Tool

serpstat review

Serpstat has commendable features to guide its users to increase their rank higher than its competitors. As an SEO tool, it stands upright in its field as per viewability and optimizing traffic is concerned. Let’s see how it is proving favorable for its users. Check out its features –

Keyword Research 

Focus keyword is very important for any site to grow its business – whether small sized industry or big brands. If the correct keywords are used, it has the potential to grow business instantly. Moreover, It is very important for any blogging website like ours, Slashbug. Serpstat lets you search keywords that will stand high on PPC campaigns. For big companies, it is also important to maintain top positions and high ranking as compared to their competitors. Serpstat helps to find all range of keywords, also long-tail keywords where several other SEO providing sites lacks this feature.

Ranking analysis

serpstat review: ranking analysis

Serpstat keeps you updated with the changes in the ranking of your website. Search engines provide site’s ranking via high performing keywords. Although, keywords changes continuously due to the change in technology and the audience change in choices. In order to maintain high ranks or improve your ranks in search engines, it is required to analyze the keywords that are doing well and keywords that are not. Serpstat helps in showing the results for the keywords by which you are generating great traffic.

Advertising & Campaigns 

Advertising & campaigns are very vital for any company to generate maximum profit. Serpstat helps you to analyze your competitor’s strategies regarding PPC ads. This is the way where you can improve your sites visibilities by looking at other strategies and campaigns. Well, this is not much, Serpstat also helps you to analyze your campaigns broadly. This helps a business to grow more locally.

Competitor Analysis Tools

Serpstat can be used as a Competitor analysis tool to quickly look at their strategies and every knowhow about them. You can also compare and overlap the ranking of your competitors to know your competitors more from the search engine angle. You can also pick a low ranking keyword of your site and analyze why others are ranking but you’re not.

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are very important for any website to rank high. Serpstat helps to report all the backlinks existing on your website and also those existing in your competitors. It also helps complete analyses of the backlinks whether it is taken from a reliable source or not. Many times, you get penalties for not providing a proper backlink. In order to avoid these situations, Serpstats stands high.

Search Analytics

Serpstat helps you to suggest the direct competitors or more specifically direct organic competitors to your site. In addition, it helps you to follow the right paths as far as campaigns are concerned. You can also research on top pages that are performing well, and the content they are using to generate high ranks. Search Queries is a section used by Serpstat to show you the keywords that rank high in your competitor’s site.

Site Audit

Serpstat generates complete reports and infographics that can help your site troubleshoot problems as far as SEO is concerned. It usually reports many things – Plagiarised content, proper links, tags, images, missing pages, and much more. Thus, all in all, it helps you to edit and solve issues with your site so as to decrease penalties.

Serpstat Review & Analysis As Compared With Other SEO Websites

Serpstat VS Semrush

Semrush contains a lot of excellent new features – Keyword magic tools, templates, and content optimization tools etc. But, it is much costlier than Serpstat. Serpstat provides keyword analysis by using PPC cost that’s more useful for a website if a website is especially dependent on this. Serpstat also provides suggestions for long tail keywords usually other SEO sites miss these.


  • Focus on long tail keywords also.
  • Keyword analysis through PPC.
  • Powerful rank tracker.
  • Track competitor keywords.


  • Few SEMRUSH features are not available with Serpstat. 
  • Serpstat lacks simplicity as compared with Semrush.
  • Serpstat needs few improvements in new features that other SEO sites are including.

I can proudly say that, Serpstat has revolutionized our SEO game, and helps us to make daily decisions on what kind of content to write, publish and try to optimize around, as well as helping us spy on our competitors in SEO and PPC (in a way that SEMRush or even SpyFu never could).

The software has exceeded my expectations in just about every area. Even the use of their API is downright cheap (we plug it into NetPeak, and it costs a bit less then other providers APIs). You do need to know a bit about SEO/PPC fundamentals to get the most out of it, but even for newcomers, it’s incredibly intuitive. Hope you find our serpstat review useful for you and your business to get started.

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