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Best Free Hilarious Prank Apps To Try Out In 2018 For Trolling Your Friends

Fool your friends with these best free prank apps. Using a prank app to create fun moments with your friends is easy and cool. Moreover, you are looking for an app to make friends call each other then this is the latest way. Choose fun with the help of technology and to prank your friends. Read, we’ve curated list of best prank apps, best prank calling apps for iphone and android to try out in 2018 to prank your friends or use on April Fool’s Day to have fun.

Prank App for Phone (Android or iPhone)

Remove password from PDF files, Prank app

Playing pranks is an old way to have fun with friends. To redefine it, Prank app was devised and it is the simplest way to spoof your friends. Talking about traditional ways of pranks for instance – students brake one leg of the chair and paste it with a transparent tape to show that it is not broken. But, when a teacher actually sits over it, he may bruise himself.  Ohh… So painful! Well, there were hell pranks like these which were in practice in older times. But, now came some easy, not harming pranks and Prank Apps to use on April Fool’s Day. Read>

Best Prank Apps To Try Out In 2018

Having a good laugh is the only motive of any prank but that should be in a way so that it may not harm others. We have curated a huge list of best prank apps to try out in 2018 that you can install on your phone and also read ways to install them. Check these out>

Weight Finger Scanner Prank

Ohh! My weight is reduced! Looks nice to hear this. However, this is a good app to fool your mind or maybe somebody whom you think this prank will work. This app will let you measure your weight or your friend’s weight by scanning finger. This is a good prank to tease your friends and see their surprised faces. Install this app now to prank your friends!

Download for AndroidDownload for iPhone

How to use Weight Finger Scanner Prank app?

Install this app from the link provided, this app will get installed in a few seconds. Now, open this installed app to continue with it to do weight prank. Follow the following steps to fool your friends with this weight finger scanner prank.

  • Touch the scan button provided on the screen as shown in the image below.

Prank App

  • Now, keep your finger on the scanner where there is fingerprint shown in the image. You have to wait a few seconds after that you can remove your finger from the screen.

Prank App

  • Now, it will scan and will display your result fast.

Prank App

Broken Screen Prank

Show your friends that your phone screen is broken to prank your friends and see how they will react to it. The best part of any prank app is the reactions that your friends will make. Moreover, till the time you hide the fact that this is a prank, you can enjoy for yourself. After you told them this is a prank, you can further enjoy teasing them. So, Go ahead to download this prank from the link provided.

Download for AndroidDownload for iPhone

Fire Screen Prank – iPhone prank app

Fire Screen Prank will let your screen showing fire to prank your friends with ease. Scare them that your phone will blast soon. However, before starting this prank, hide all water bottles so as this prank may not ruin your phone. My point is, your friends can try to cool the fire by throwing water on your phone. Avoid this situation, but, download this app to create fun with your friends!

Download for Android

How to Trap your friends with Broken Screen Prank & Fire Screen Prank?

Install the app from the link provided, now follow the following steps for performing broken screen and fire screen pranks.

  • Touch on the start button to allow the app to run for you.

prank app

  • Now, it will provide us with three options, either we can crack our screen with a single touch or crack the screen by shaking our phone or make fire the phone’s screen.

prank app


  • Let’s first touch on crack (touch).
  • It will show you crack effects. Choose any to crack your screen with a sound.

prank app

  • Choosing Crack (shake) will let you show the same crack effects. Just the difference is that the phone’s screen will crack on the phone’s shake.
  • By clicking on fire screen. It will show you the following options as given in the image.

prank app

  • It is a great fun! You can place fire on the screen wherever you like with just a single touch Or, you can let the whole screen burn like anything.

prank app

BP Checking App Prank

Ohh! My BP is so high! or maybe My BP is too low! Say like this, and get the attention of your friends and family. Also, let them check there BP by pressing their finger on the screen, that’s what this app requires. See their reactions, enjoy and also secretly make prank videos with your phone. Install this app, this is a great fun!

Download for AndroidDownload for iPhone

Prankhotline: prank calling app

Prankhotline is best online prank calling app to make friends call each other or Make 2 Phones Call Each Other easily.  Let me tell you a fun idea. Put in your friend’s number and your ex-girlfriend’s number and make them call each other then see your friend again I’ll be like “so have you spoken to ‘ex’ lately?”, then i’ll know what she’s doing now.

click here to get free token in Prankhotline

Sugar Checker App prank

The above BP checking app will also help you to check your sugar levels for an Android phone but, for iPhone it is different. It will let you check your sugar just as checked by a real machine but without pinching your finger. This prank looks so real that you will like to try this out. Check before meals and after meals sugar to check your sugar levels.

Download for Android | Download for iPhone

Temperature Checker App prank

The above app will also help you to check your body’s temperature. This prank app for iphone and android is like a real thermometer will present a reading after you will scan your finger. Learn more about how to use this app in the detail below. But, install this prank iphone app now.

Download for AndroidDownload for iPhone

How to use BP Checker, Sugar checker, and Temperature checker Prank?

Install this app from the link provided, now wait for its installation. It will get installed in no time. With Finger Blood pressure prank app, you can check your BP, sugar level, and temperature also. With this app, read about blood pressure, sugar level, and temperature levels also. This is a little medical information provided by this app. Follow the following steps to continue with the app.

  • Select your Gender first for continuing with this app.

prank app

  • Now touch the scanner, just a single touch on the fingerprint shown in the image will generate results.

  • After a beep, results will be on your screen.

prank app

  • Now, you can share your results with the social media apps you like.

  • For checking your sugar levels, click on sugar value check.

prank app

  • Now, select your gender and proceed further.

prank app

  • Click on the either before meals or after meals sugar test. It will make your friends think that this app is really checking your sugar levels.

prank app

  • Place your finger on the scanner. In just a single touch it will start your results.

prank app

  • It will beep like a real sugar checking machine. You can now share the results generated by this app to different social media.

prank app

  • You can also follow the same procedure for temperature checking.

prank app


prank app

Prank fake conversation app

Hey, Do you want to jealous your partners or your friends? Fake conversation is the best for that. Especially, if you want to raise rumors about yourself or somebody, then try this app. This app will get installed easily and it will let you create your own fake or imaginary conversations with any person you like. Download it now from the link below>

Download for AndroidDownload for iPhone

How to Use fake conversations App

Using fake conversation app is quite easy. We have listed step by step guide to using this app. First, download and install from the link provided, then follow the following steps –

  • Open the Fake conversations app. Now, open the edit message section.

Prank app

  • An edit message section will get opened like this. Now, type the message in the message section.
  • Change or write down any fake time you want to put up.
  • Now, choose an author name whom you want to converse with. Likewise, choosing a different author again and again and typing messages and saving them will generate fake conversations. Also, choose read status according to your own wish.

prank app

  • However, you are not able to share this directly. But, take a screenshot of the fake conversation you created and send them to create fake rumors.

Prank App WhatsApp

If you’re searching for an alternative to Whatsapp where you can create fake chats of WhatsApp to prank your friends and send its screenshots to your friends. Then, “Create Whats Fake Chat” is the best app to do this. Also, it lets you create fake chats with emoji that will look more real. Also, it lets you make fake calls to famous personalities to amuse your friends. Download this app now!

Download for Android | Download for iPhone

How to use Prank app Whatsapp?

  • Create Whats Fake Chat is easy to download and it gets installed in your phone easily.
  • Now, go to “edit message” to create fake chats.

prank app

  • Create a message from both sides. It is like what we taught you in the previous app.
  • You can change the authors, time, read status and save to create a complete fake conversation.

prank app

  • The conversation will look like this. Now, take the screenshot of the conversation to send it to your friends.
  • You can add emoji and attach files like you do with Whatsapp so that this conversation looks more real.
  • You can also make fake calls through this app by clicking on a fake call.
  • Add a contact image, contact photo of the person whom you want to call.

prank app

  • Now, save the changes and tap to make a fake call.

prank app

Some More Best Free Hilarious Prank Apps For Trolling Your Friends:

The prank is the notorious plan which refreshes you from your monotonous life. Moreover, A prank is a must for your life especially in college days or school days. In addition, A good prank always makes memories and it remains for a whole lifetime. Especially, on April Fool’s Day, many people try out to prank you. Also, Prank Apps to use on April Fool’s Day is the best option that you can try. All in all, Prank apps are a great fun, therefore we have listed more apps to prank your friends.

XRay Scanner Prank

Scan your hands, legs and other body parts, just a prank, but this app usually says this. Also, Make X-ray reports by these X-ray Scanner Prank app and have fun with friends. This app works so realistically, that you yourself get confused whether you doing a prank or it is real. So, install it now and have fun!

Download for AndroidDownload for iPhone

Fart Prank App

Create Fart sounds with this Fart Prank app and discuss with your friends who are farting among all your friends. This is a very different way to create fun with your friends. But, it is a great fun to notice the reactions of your friends and conversations on a fart. This is so farting fun! So, install this app now!

Download for AndroidDownload for iPhone

Fake Call

prank calling app to make fake calls to yourself from world famous personalities. Also, Pretend as if you get a call from – President calling, Film Star calling, Director calling,… etc. This app will also show you the image of famous personalities and fake numbers that will show that they are actually calling you. So, have fun with your friends and install the app now!

Download for AndroidDownload for iPhone

Ghost Prank

Hey, look there’s Ghost in my phone! How’s that? This prank does exactly this. Also, This prank app will show a ghost scaring you on your phone. Surprise your friends or scare them horrible that they will start biting their nails and squeeze themselves or maybe hold your hands. Notice there reactions and laugh on them. Install this app now!

Download for AndroidDownload for iPhone

Doorbell Prank

Imagine, you were talking with someone you don’t like. How to avoid such people? The answer is through Doorbell Prank app. This is the app that actually creates a sound of the doorbell. Also, shut up your pets or confuse them that there’s someone at door and create a laugh. Choose from several bells sounds available in the app. Download the app now!

Download for AndroidDownload for iPhone

Body Scanner Camera Prank App

Body Scanner Camera Prank helps to scan the body to show your muscles. Show your friends that you’ve build muscles and surprise your friends. Also, let them become confused about the fact that how comes a phone is doing this. So, create fun with friends and have fun! Download from the link>

Download for AndroidDownload for iPhone

Lie Detector Test Prank

Find the truth with this lie detector test prank app. This is a great way to check your friends who speak lie and who speaks the truth. Also, create fun moments and do interesting things to catch up fun with your friends. Install it now!

Download for AndroidDownload for iPhone

List of prank calling apps

Here’s the best list of free prank calling apps to make fake call or prank call your friends. There are many prank calling apps out there on the play store for android or app store for iPhone. choose your favorite prank calling app and prank you friends or loved ones to have fun.

What are the best Prank call apps for iPhone (ios)?

PrankDial – #1 Prank Call App on the App Store

Prankster – Prank Call App on the App Store

Fake-A-Call Free ™ on the App Store

Fake Call Lite on the App Store

Fake Call Plus on the App Store

best Prank calling apps for Android?

JokesPhone – Prank Calls – Apps on Google Play

Fake-A-Call Free – Apps on Google Play

Fake Call 2 ™ – Android Apps on Google Play

Call Voice Changer – IntCall – Apps on Google Play

Scare Your Friends – JOKE! – Apps on Google Play

Voice changer with effects – Apps on Google Play

Hope you liked this post? If you know some more tricks to play a prank with your friends then share them in comments and also, connect with us on Social media like – Facebook & Twitter

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