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Top 5 Free Online Video Editors with music, effects and crop video online

Online Video Editors we listed here contains a wide range of powerful editing tools where you can create your own movie clips. You can also create Slideshare and collages. We will guide you to find the best video editing tools which are just websites that are designed to edit videos. Edit videos online with features like slideshow, video effects and in HD also with out downloading anything. However, the foremost feature of this web app is to edit your videos with high-end tools. Moreover, you can also add music of your choice to your slideshows or videos. There are several video editors online free.

free online video editor no download

Selection of the Free Online Video Editor no download is a good trick but you have to find them. Therefore, we have compiled a list of video editors online free. We recommend you to try all options before selecting a single-one for your work.

Top 5 free online video editors music, effects and crop video online

Below is the list of some online video editing websites that allows you to edit, add effects, features and crop video online. Just open the website, create your account if needed and start editing the videos online in HD with special effects.

1. Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online is a web app that offers Free Online Video Editor no download. Here, you can make your own video clips, slideshow and movie clips. You can easily upload your photos, videos, and music in this editor. You can also rearrange images by dragging and dropping to create a nice slideshow. Moreover, you can create a musical slideshow or movie clips by adding your favorite music to your slideshow.  Here, you can also edit your videos, trim, crop videos online by uploading it to this platform. The only difficulty here is – It only uses MP4 format for the export of the finished project. However, you can share or download your finished project easily. You can download royalty free images for your projects from these websites

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2. Clip Champ

ClipChamp is an easy one of video editors online free. You will not get access to its advanced features in its free version. But, it contains plenty of simple editing tools like crop movie online to make simple projects. Also, this platform offers its users fast processing ability. This is a great feature because usually, you have high MBs video files that you need to upload. Moreover, you can also share your finished projects on Facebook, Twitter etc.

3. WeVideo

WeVideo offers its users a wide range of features. Here, you can easily create, capture, edit, view and share your movies. Moreover, you can create a high-quality video with about 4K resolution offered by this platform. As an add-on feature, you also get access to royalty-free video-clips, images and music tracks. Here, you can enjoy fast uploading of your videos and photos. Moreover, this is a feature-packed platform with excellent editing tools.

4. Kizoa

Kizoa is an excellent platform for Free Online Video Editor no download and creating or editing your videos online.  Here, you can create animated collages and easily share on Facebook, Twitter etc. Moreover, you can easily edit your photos by using several tools. Main tools available are – filters, Rotate, straighten, effects and crop movie online etc. Apart from this, you get the access to cloud storage. In addition, you are able to create movies in the ultra-high definition of 2160p.

5. Online Video Cutter

Online Videocutter basically developed to trim videos to small-sized videos. Apart from that, it has several simple editing tools for your videos. This web app supports several video formats. Moreover, it is the easiest of all the apps that we specified here. Here, you can easily crop, trim video online or rotate any video. This platform may not be able to supply several advanced editing tools. But, it is one of the simplest video trimming web app.

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