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Top 10 Best Online Grammar Check Software of 2018 {FREE}

It is very difficult to get rid of manual typing errors without the help of a software. Also, not all people are proficient in the English language usage. Most of the people do nefarious spelling mistakes and grammatical errors while writing a content online or offline. In today’s date, correct grammatical errors online for free. There are several software solutions available for Online Grammar Check. Apart from grammatical error checking, they also help in suggesting synonyms and act as a plagiarism checker.

The Best Online Grammar Check Software of 2018 {Mostly Available for free}

Online Grammar Check


Grammarly is the best software for online grammar check and thankfully, it is available for free. It automatically detects grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in the sentences that you typed. Moreover, you can even check your thesis for any kind of plagiarism. In addition, you can add its tool as a chrome extension (or other browsers like – Firefox, Edge, Safari etc.) for your device. This will help you to type error-free on social media, emails, and WordPress etc.  This free grammar check tool detects almost all the types of grammatical mistakes and suggests the correct words suitable in sentences. In addition, you get almost all the features for free except few advanced features. However, its premium version will charge you a little. Where you can enjoy little more advanced features with its premium version. Grammarly is trusted by over 10 million users and we recommend you to try it now and become a part of its big community.

Ginger Software

The Ginger software is another best tool for online grammar check to eliminate typing errors. It is an excellent tool that employs a robust algorithm to detect and correct your spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It has a powerful proofreading tool that constantly reviews the text you are typing. Moreover, it also helps you predict the next word while you’re typing so that you can type with a great speed. Apart from grammar checking tool, it helps you with translation. It offers translation in forty different languages to help you easily understand others. Like Grammarly, you can easily integrate Ginger software with your browser. Moreover, it works well on several platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Its free version comes with several features like grammar checker, translation, and integration with browsers. You can also purchase its premium version which allows you to access its advanced features like – unlimited free grammar checker, complete error analysis, and personalized practice sessions to improve your English.

Paper Rater

The paper rater is another robust and powerful free grammar check software to suffice you with online grammar check. This system checks all the typos for nefarious spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It uses artificial intelligence to judge your write-up and provide it with a score. The user can also access its plagiarism tool to save himself from any royalty issues. The paper rater is the best software for publishers to get the apt feedback of your work way ahead from the work being published. It also helps you with the required improvements and all-round assessment of your write-up. Its free version has few restrictions but its premium plans help you access all the features without ads.


Reverso is the best software with free online grammar check not just for English but for several other languages. Here, you can easily check typing errors and grammatical mistakes in other languages write-up like – French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, and Arabic etc. Reverso also helps you with translation to easily hold a conversation. This software also helps you to improve proficiency of different languages from beginner level to professional level.


WhiteSmoke is an intelligent software that corrects you when you do any grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. It works with artificial intelligence to detect flaws in your write-ups. This software also helps you to integrate your browser with this software to suffice you with error-free online writing. Moreover, this software includes a writing assistance to help people write with a great ease. In addition, it works well with multiple platforms like – Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Further, it provides a score for your work so that you can analyze your progress.

After the Deadline

After the Deadline is another best proofreading tool that allows you to check your text on the basis of grammar, style, and spelling. This software is the best tool for bloggers. Moreover, you can easily integrate this tool with your browser. In addition, this software also allows you to access smart suggestions while you’re writing online. This is also available with WordPress sites in the form of plug-ins, add-ons or in the library. Moreover, it comes free for personal use.

Online Correction

Online Correction is another best tool that accesses each nook and corner of your content to correct grammatical errors online for free. Apart from grammatical mistakes and spelling checks, it also helps you the correct spacing of your document. It continuously detects errors and marks all the flaws in a sentence. Moreover, it uses different marking schemes for spelling and grammatical errors. For spelling errors, it uses red color while for grammatical errors, it uses green color. In addition, it allows you to check the mistakes in the write-up in up to eight different languages.


WebSpellChecker is another powerful tool that detects and corrects grammatical errors. This English grammar check software allows suggests you synonyms for the word you typed. It performs this task via the option of a thesaurus. You can easily search its thesaurus for smart suggestions. Also, it underlines the errors in blue and red color to notify the user.


Language tool is another excellent language corrector tool that supports multiple languages. For online grammar check, it supports 31 different languages. It easily detects errors and helps you fix those language errors. It uses a fully customizable dictionary that helps you add words that are an exception to its rules. Moreover, you can easily integrate it with different internet browsers which act as language corrector to write error-free on social media, emails and other online platforms. In addition, you can also add it to your MS Word as an extension to write easily.


ProWritingAid offers another best platform for the online grammar check. This software is a complete package that detects repetitiveness or long sentences. It is the best English grammar check tool that aids in increasing Google readability score and credibility. Apart from checking grammar, you can also check your content for excessive passive voice usage and others. Thus, it helps you increase your overall writing skills. It works well with Windows and Mac operating systems. Also, you can integrate this software with browsers and MS word for a greater ease of writing capabilities.

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