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Top 6 Most Expensive Apps on the App Store and Play Store

It’s always interesting to know about the most expensive things. Do you know the most expensive app, you can download from Play Store and App store? If no, then Read more>>

There are plenty of apps that are worth more than $200. But, are they worth buying?  You’ll know yourself when you read this post. However, If you can’t spend a hefty amount to purchase them. Then, Don’t worry! There are several similar apps in the Play Store which are free to download. But, It is interesting to know what App Developers are charging. We have compiled a list of Top 6 Most Expensive Apps ever for iPhone and android with their features.

Most Expensive App for Millionaire in 2018

Abu Moo Collection ($400-$2400)


Most Expensive App ever

Abu Moo, An expensive App Developer has developed Six apps. All these six apps will cost you $400 each and in a total $2400. You’ll be thinking what’s in this App that is costing you $2400. Actually, the App contains an image of a gemstone that will show up on your Home Screen. Funny! Isn’t it? But, yes this is the truth. The Developer Abu Moo has named each of his apps with a gemstone – Amethyst, Aquamarine, Black Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire. Collection of each gemstone costs you $400. Is this App worth purchasing? In our opinion, Donate money and do some charity instead.

Super Color Runner ($200)

Super Color Runner is an expensive game app that can cost you $200. Endless colors are running and you have to catch the color or more specifically eat the color. You also have to collect pellets and charge the batteries to stay alive in this game.  Simple graphics and point sized player to catch up the color. But, we don’t understand, Why this simple game is charging too much??

SVIPC – Super VIP Club ($400)

SVIPC – Super VIP Club is an app for millionaires.  You can access services like Chatting, events, and date with bachelors of the elite class. But, most of these features are disabled in its alpha version. You have to wait for its beta version. But, It is still too much costly to afford.

World Most Expensive Smoke ($400)

World Most Expensive Smoke seems similar to Abu Moo collection. This most expensive app contains few wallpapers of smoke. That’s it! It is really the most expensive smoke that costs you a lot to just see it. The caption of this app is :

“Welcome to the smoker world.
It doesn’t matter you do smoke or not, you are welcome to try World Most Expensive Smoke and the best part is this it will not impact your health 🙂 ”

This smoke will definitely not impact your health! But, surely costs you a lot.

most expensive app that does nothing: I Am Rich

This App is most expensive app for iPhone a status symbol that does nothing. It was first developed by Armin Heinrich for the iPhone users in 2008 for $999.99. Such a huge amount for proving yourself rich. But, there are many who are buying these apps for their Status Quo. This is actually an expensive app that does nothing but just for the name and it’s price. In Today’s time, you can find several apps with this name with different developers usually at a cost of $400. However, you can also find several free apps with this name.

Donwload iPhone | Android

Most expensive App for iPhone: Water Globe

“Water Globe” is a most expensive app in the app store. It’s a game with bunch of  interactive screen toys. You can play around with globes and make them snow or change gravity. We’re not sure why anyone would pay almost $300 for this app, when you can probably get a real snow globe for way cheaper.

The Most Expensive App

There are several apps with this name in the PlayStore. This is another doing nothing app just like the above app. These Apps are just a Status Symbol to show that you are a rich person.  You can purchase them at a maximum price of $400. But, you may also find several free Apps with the same name.

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