Tips and tricks to get Instagram followers in 2018

Based on promoting photography craze, Instagram has gained a lot of popularity in 2018 as compared with other social networking apps. On an average, Instagram reported 200 million daily active users this year. Day by day, Instagram is capturing more spaces among kids and youngsters.  The craze for selfies is the main target of Instagram to get more audiences. Apart from this, there is also a constant craze for increasing Instagram followers since the site became popular.

Having more followers means gaining recognition and popularity which sounds good. Apart from fame, Instagram followers have become a status quo among youngsters. Having more followers definitely means great visibility and moving more traffic to your Instagram account. If you are a brand, then getting more followers on your Instagram becomes a sheer necessity in terms of promotion of your business.

Latest and easy ways to get Instagram followers

Trick 1: Comment on famous conversations

Instagram followers

Famous conversations are usually backed with massive audiences. When you comment on these types of conversations on Instagram, then many people will see and like your comment. There are high chances that many people start to follow you after looking your comment.

Trick 2: Follow more people

Instagram followers

If you want massive followers on Instagram, then another catch is to follow more and more people. When you follow others, then there is a great chance that they will notice you and follow you back. In Instagram, you can follow as many people you want and you should tap this advantage to grow your list of followers.

Trick 3: Actively participate in contests on Instagram

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There are many photo contests and other types of contests which are carried out daily on Instagram. Try to search those and actively participate in those many contests or events on Instagram. This will make you gain more popularity and thereby Instagram followers.

Trick 4: Share attractive photos and videos

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Another trick is to share those photos and videos which engage more audiences. For example – Choose your favorite hero, who is the best cricketer, who will win the reality show, etc. These types of questionnaire images are easily available on Google and you can easily create your own collage of famous people.

Trick 5: Promote your business on Instagram

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Try to post more and more detailing your product and business. Try to engage the attention of the audience from time to time giving offers on your products. Some words like – free, discount, lower price, limited item left, place your order fast etc. helps you do well on Instagram. When your product or business does well, it will automatically gain more popularity among its audiences and thereby more followers on Instagram.

Trick 6: Post your story daily

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Another trick is to post your own story on Instagram and you all know that it will disappear after 24 hours. So, you have to daily add a new story to your Instagram. Good and creative stories attract a lot of attention of audiences and thus enhance chances of being followed by a great number of people.

Trick 7: Be friendly on Instagram

A friendly personality always attracts a lot of followers on Instagram. You always be ready to accept new friend requests on social media and try to interact to open up with unknown people. But, first, go through the profiles of the unknown persons before starting up any conversations with them.

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