How to Hack WhatsApp Account

Easy Working Methods to Hack WhatsApp Account and Spy/Access Chat History

Stop dreaming on How to Hack WhatsApp Account. Here in this article I explained the Easiest Working Methods to Hack WhatsApp Account and then Access it and Spy chat history. Hacking someone else or your friends whatsapp is fun, you can sneak into their conversations and know what secrets they hide from you. It is not bad for some reasons, it depends on your interest or affection you have. so choose your target, for the moment I call my target as someone, goal is to hack someones whatsapp account conversations and hack whatsapp messages.

Before we get started, let’s talk some facts, after Facebook, WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app, it delivers the fast and effective performance of communication, some of it notable features like cross-platform messaging service, voice calling, video calling etc made many smartphone users of Android, Apple IOS, Windows and Blackberry are tempted to use WhatsApp because of it’s convenience and features.

How to Hack WhatsApp Account:

There have been many tools on the internet claiming that they would Hack WhatsApp Account Without Verification Code, and spy the conversations, hack whatsapp messages and chat history. Mostly these tools didn’t work, and some of them are scam. Many people wanted to know how to Hack whatsapp chat without victim’s phone. Also there are plenty of Android Apps on play store, but most of them are fake. so, don’t waste your time on them, i will let you know how to pick the best app from them, just follow my guide of easy ways to hack WhatsApp Account. There are three ways to do this, first is Spoofing Mac Address, the Second Method is on Online, and the third method is using an Effective Spy Application in smartphone.

Method 1: Hack WhatsApp account by Spoof MAC Address

A Mac address is an unique address assigned to your network adapter of the WiFi. By this unique address you can detect the devices connected to the network, in this case assume that your friend’s smartphone whom you want to hack WhatsApp Account. This is whatsapp hacking online method is very effective and works 90% of the time. Here you just need your friend’s android phone MAC Address and your smartphone MAC address.

Step 1: Access your friend’s (whom you are going to hack) smartphone

  • Get your hands on the mobile phone of the victim whom you gonna hack.
  • Make sure that victim doesn’t notice you handling his/her mobile phone.

Step 2: Find the MAC address from the target phone

  • Android: Settings >> About Phone >> Status >> Wi-Fi MAC address
  • Windows Phone: Settings >>System >> System Information >> MAC Address
  • iPhone: Settings >> General >> About >> Wi-Fi Address
  • Blackberry: Options >> Device >> Device and Status Info >> WLAN MAC
  • Save the Acquired MAC address of the target.
  • Also be ready to Acquire your victims smartphone again later, we may need it at some point during the Hacking process.

Step 3: Now grab your phone, and find your MAC Address

  • Save the MAC address, because you are required to use the MAC address for hacking WhatsApp account at final steps.
  • Save all the information you obtained, don’t communicate with the victim until you succeed the hack.

Step 4: Uninstall WhatsApp from YOUR device

  • I’m NOT kidding, uninstall your whatsapp, initially we don’t need whatsapp installed on your device
  • Later after the Hacking process, your account can be installed and configured.
  • Make sure that you don’t leave any traces of the WhatsApp app, uninstall it completely.

Step 5: Replace(Spoof) your MAC address with the Victims/Targets MAC address

  • spoofing MAC address can enable your smartphone to act as Victims smartphone, so that whatsapp assumes that  Victims Account is actually your account. But here you are actually logging in to the victims account.

Step 6: Download and Install the Spoofing Apps depending on the smartphone

  • Android : BusyBox or Terminal Emulator ( Some android smartphones require root to run these apps)
  • iPhone : MacDaddy X
  • If you are done, then in the terminal emulator type ” $su” and hit Enter
  • Then, now type ” iplink show ” or ” iplink show eth0 ” This shows your MAC address
  • Now type ” ip link set eth0 address XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX ”  -> (Here you have to type the victims MAC Address). After this now verify if the MAC address is replaced or not by ” iplink show eth0 “

Step 7: Re-Install WhatsApp on your phone.

  • In the Installation process, you have to use the Victims phone number, in order to get access to victims account.
  • Now, the confirmation code is sent to Victims phone, this is one last time you need the Victims smartphone, try to access targets phone and check the confirmation code and Enter it in your WhatsApp installation process of your smartphone. That’s it, you have your targets/victims WhatsApp account installed and running on your smartphone, now you did whatsapp hacking online and can access everything of victims/target account.

Step 8: The restoration process: (Change back your MAC Address). It’s not fun all time!

  • Repeat the instructions, make sure you change it to your own MAC address rather than the Victims address.
  • Now your mobile phone is normal, and you can act like you know nothing!

Method 2: Hacking WhatsApp account online from PC

This is another method of whatsapp hacking online is for people who are lazy and they want things like James bond had. I am listening, i made it for you.

Step 1: go to the website that Hacks WhatsApp account online

  • There is no such website guys, instead follow the generic and logical way. You can hack WhatsApp through online by using an easy trick with WhatsApp web application.

Step 2: Grab the Victims/Targets Smartphone

  • For whatsapp hacking online then this has to be managed professionally. I know there is hidden talent in everyone, it’s time to use it to grab the victims/targets phone. It’s fine, because victim/target may be your best friend or loved ones, come on,you can easily do some social engineering, and have fun.

Step 3: Open WhatsApp

  • Open WhatsApp on the victims/Targets phone,
  • Go to App Settings, you can find at the bottom.
  • And, select ” WhatsApp Web “
  • Now choose ok, if the App prompts and ask to use camera
  • Now, on your Laptop/PC browser, navigate to

Step 4: verify and select the Options before using it

  • Here, when you are at the Login page of WhatsApp web, make sure that you mark the ” keep me signed me option”

step 5: Use the Victims/Targets smartphone

  • Now, use the Victims smartphone to scan the QR code displayed on the computer of the web browser.
  • when a green check mark appears, the website will reload to the Victims WhatsApp account dashboard
  • Finally, you can monitor and see your Victims WhatsApp conversations from your laptop/computer internet browser.

Method 3: Using the Spy Applications to Hack WhatsApp messages

As I mentioned earlier, there are lot of apps that have been marketed on the smartphones app marketplace like play store, app store etc. You can be confused at some point of time on what app to choose and whom to believe, and while the trend for WhatsApp hack grows, new companies are being created and they started claiming to work on spying or hacking WhatsApp, this is tough situation to decide which is the genuine application among all those developers and creators.  We must choose the genuine app. One of the best App to spy on WhatsApp is the mySpy app, which is widely used for it’s effectiveness and features. you are required to install the mySpy app on the victims/Targets phone that you want to take hack WhatsApp messages and take control. So, you again need the victims phone with you for some time, to continue the Hacking/Spying process.

Click here to see more information on mSpy Official website

Step 1:  Acquire the Victims phone

  • The spy app is intended to use for the safety and monitoring purposes, it is most likely considered to be used only for parents, relatives, friends and family when you have obtained the necessary permission from the victim.
  • You can personal message me if you have any doubts.

Step 2: choose a Spy program

  • Open your play store, and choose the best spy app, that you like. I recommend you to choose the mySpy.
  • complete the purchase and installation process. where? in the Victims phone.
  • Not sure how to purchase from the victims phone? then purchase the mySpy app from your play store, make a backup copy of the App, then use the ‘ share it’ or other file sharing apps to transfer the spy app to victims phone. (optional)

Step 3: Configure the mySpy app and adjust tracking options

  • Follow the on screen instructions, after installing, open the app, then configure the tracking, and time options, now the hacking process is started.
  • At this point, you can receive all the conversations on the victims account. congratulations, you have successfully hacked your friends or loved ones WhatsApp account.

Method 4: Hack whatsapp on iphone/Android

software can spy and hack whatsapp on iphone or android. There are many different types of spyware: some are highly professional (you have to buy them) and are naturally designed to spy on users. Others are freely available and have the official function of being a parental control tool or a tool in case you lose your phone or if you get it stolen. But they can be diverted and used as fully functional spy tools.

Spyware Software for hacking whatsapp on iPhone or Android


The FlexiSPy monitoring software has long provided a program that works reliably and offers the most advanced range of spy features. This includes listening to live calls, recording the surroundings, and a wide range of instant chat and messaging chatter functionality. The product at the top – if you need more advanced features.

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An older program that has gone through a complete makeover – it is quickly becoming very popular. They have added advanced features and it offers a real alternative to the other two. It’s worth it to take a look.

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Method 5: Clone Whatsapp Application to monitor your GF/BF chat

An additional way of hacking WhatsApp (a fairly popular strategy among cybercriminals) is to install a “clone” copy of the app. What is a clone copy? I will explain it to you right away.

  • A ranger could successfully install WhatsApp on his smartphone and access your account without encountering any obstacles (avoiding all system checks during the operation) simply by hiding the MAC address of his smartphone.
  • A MAC address is, in fact, a string of numbers that identifies one by one devices that can connect to the Internet. WhatsApp uses it with phone numbers to verify the identity of all users.
  • Now, if someone with a deeper knowledge than average in computer science can get their hands on your smartphone and find their MAC address (which you can access in the Info menu of any operating system), she can then use different applications (like BusyBox and Mac Address Ghost on Android) to hide her own MAC address and make it look like yours.
  • At this point, the aforementioned “ranger” can install a copy of WhatsApp on his phone, activate it by using your phone number (with an SMS with a verification code transferred to your device) and use the service. pretending to be you, with full access to your conversations.

we have provided these information of The guide to Hack WhatsApp and these WhatsApp Hacking Tools for Educational Purposes only, we don’t encourage malicious activities.

Good Luck. If you need any help or have questions, feel free to hit them in the comments.