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Hack Instagram: How to Figure Out Someones Instagram Password 2018

In 2018 the Instagram has become a priority for lot of people in their life. In the sense that Instagram tops in content production and media among other social networks. This trend seamlessly letting people to have many opportunities on Instagram like to promote, to influence, to do business etc. There might be various reasons depending on these situations that one is interested to hack Instagram account around.

The long wait is over, I know that lot of our visitors are eagerly waiting for an update since my previous post on Easy ways to hack Instagram. Here you go, now I am going to list lot of possible ways on how to hack someones Instagram password in 2018. Weather you want to hack your gf/bf Instagram account to spy on them or for other purposes this post will cover it. stay tuned and learn how to hack Instagram account in 2018.

how to figure out someones Instagram password

There are actually tons of ways to hack an Instagram account password, I’ll try to cover the ones which are working and tested with you here. So that it will be easier to figure out someones Instagram password.

Instagram Security Measures to consider before hacking it

In the recent times Instagram has updated their app, terms and security settings and they tried to maintain good security measures. Let’s see those security measures before we dive into hacking someones Instagram account to get some hacking ideas from them. As you came across on the internet there are many websites and tools can be found claiming that they will hack Instagram account but some of these are completely fake. And these sites which promote hacking Instagram account are filled with virus and instead of you hacking others Instagram account your account gets hacked. So, be careful when you click through stuff online. Now with out wasting our time let’s get started with me in this post on my guide to hack Instagram account successfully.

Two-factor authentification:

This is so interesting stuff to hate because this thing is effective in protecting Instagram account. It has been rolled out in the latest update. Here it’s needed to play a game to hack Instagram account fast.

About Page:

From the new update now the about page can give complete info of the person or page who is following you or you are following. This includes the info regarding the date joined, its country of activity, the ads it runs, its former usernames, and accounts that share followers with it. The object is to give you all this info so you can judge if they are worth of your trust or not. If the information you can see here makes you suspicious well I’m not trying to show you how to be safe. you can refer to my another post on how to protect yourself on Instagram.

Verification for your Instagram:

The third security measure which is launched recently is about allowing you to request for an account verification.  From the Settings menu: if you comply with Instagram standards, you can apply for verification and perhaps obtain the blue badge that certifies you are who you say you are.

Working Methods to hack Instagram easy and fast in 2018

Here in this post, I am going to list out the working methods to hack someones Instagram password. Some of the advantages of these methods are you can do Instagram hack with no human verification and you can hack Instagram account using profile URL. I am excited to show it now: 

Method 1: hack someones Instagram easy fast by Phishing

Let’s see how to hack Instagram account by creating Instagram Phishing Page. Phishing is the best practice to hack Instagram till date, because it actually works if executed properly. I recommend this method as hacker. A fake login page is created which looks like original login page. When someone signs in to this page with their login details then his/her ID and password is saved in a file without his/her notice and the victim is redirected to original site.

Let’s look at an example of Instagram Phishing:

Instagram Phishing Page

This is a good website called z-shadow.info that generated the above phishing page, which gives you an easy opportunity to do the phishing of Instagram account. I bet that in the image above the page just looks like the original Instagram login page but if you can see the URL. It is not Instagram.com

How to create Instagram Phishing Page:

Open the website Z-shadow.com, create an account then login to your account. When you logged in to Z-Shadow.com website just navigate through the pages below till you find the Instagram. Usually it is located in the page 3 and you can choose your phishing page in your preferred language. Here i pointed out in the image there are 3 languages to choose and also the link provided there is updated every 6 hours. You will see something like this:

Instagram phishing page

Here on Page 3, when you find the Instagram section then grab the Instagram phishing link. Copy it by Ctrl+c and paste the link or send it to the victim.

hack instagram account

Now when someone logs in with this link with their Instagram credentials then those credentials can be seen in your Z-shadow account entry list which is found in my victims option.

hack someones instagram

Here you go, just send that link to your victim and get their Instagram password easily.

crazy trick: try to be anonymous when you send the link to your victim

Method 2: Hack Instagram Account Password with Brute Force script

Now I’m taking you into something professional stuff where the real hackers way. A hacker thinks broad, does enough research and finds various ways to crack the code. Here we will discuses about one of those technique of hacking someones Instagram account and figuring out someones Instagram account by brute force method using python script.

Brute Force is widely used around the hacking world because of it’s success and standard results, and this is perfectly applied on Instagram accounts to hack. You might need to follow a simple step by step guide which i am going to write here, this includes the Instagram hacking scripts, and brute force Instagram password. Let’s get the hacking started.

Welcome the tool Faitagram:

Faitagram is what I present you today, I first discovered this tool from Justin Chang, who published it on the null-byte. just he deserves the credit, so I am happy to talk about it. Basically this tool is based on python script and it is an all in one social media platform hacking tool it is abbreviated from Fa(cebook)(tw)it(ter)(inst)agram. That’s how the name and the tool is born from this all in one social media hack idea.

Step 1: Getting things ready

Let’s hack someones Instagram Account. You have to clone the Faitagram script, for that you should have some knowledge on linux terminal commands and github. Well, don’t panic let me take you with me how to do it. To clone the script, enter the following in the linux terminal:

Execute the following being a super user or root.

git clone script, navigate to https://github.com/Juniorn1003/Faitagram/

hack instagram script

After you clone the script,

Type ” ls ” to see the list of files inside the folder. Here where you type it you will see 5 files. Check the image below:

how to figure out someones instagram password

You will find the files LICENSE, README.md, faitagram, setup.py, and wlist.

Each of this file had it’s own purpose of supporting the script to function. The License file provides just a license of MIT. Readme file explains the script function and more details about the developer. setup.py is the main file that installs the required dependence and requests, and Wlist is wordlist of possible password combinations.

Step 2: Use the chmod to get write and read permissions on those files

Before we start the brute force script to hack Instagram password we need the write and read permission on those script files. The chmod command is used to change the permissions of files or directories on linux and unix systems. To do the chmod on the files of script then type the following command in your terminal.

chmod +x faitagram && chmod +x setup.py

how to hack someones instagram

Now we got the required permissions to execute our script in order to how to hack someones Instagram. We are ready to run the script by typing python setup.py

Step 3: Finish the installation of Instagram hacking script.

Type the following command to run the Instagram hacking script. This will install the script’s required packages and permissions  in the same folder to execute the brute force request on the Instagram server to hack it’s password.

python setup.py

how to hack instagram easy and fast

As soon as execute this command it will start installing the various required packages, files and processes the requests etc. Please wait for couple of minute here for the script to complete the installation.

When the installation is finished then the script is ready to be deployed. You have to tell the script to what to do, and what actions to perform. Here are we want to hack someones Instagram Password.

Step 4: Hacking Instagram by Brute Force Script Faitagram

The script has a faitagram file, which contains a list of strong passwords for you. You just need to check the wordlist when the script is finished it’s execution. Use the following format to execute the script for hacking Instagram account.

command format to enter in the script to hack someones Instagram.

python faitagram -s service -u username -w wordlist -d delay

here from the command,

-s is service, like which website you want to hack. In our case we are hacking Instagram. So, we type Instagram in this field

-u is your target Instagram username or account you want to hack.

-w wordlist is the file where the passwords are listed during the brute force attack by script. you have to provide the path of the wordlist file here. For example in my case, “ -w /root/Faitagram/wlist.txt

-d is delay, this operation can do delay of seconds during the password requests. it is optional

Hence, we will put this Instagram hacking script in the work. I used the following way, you can just copy paste the following command and use it for yourself but just replace with your target username.

pyhton faitagram -s instagram -u allamazingworld -w /root/Faitagram/wlist.txt

hack instagram account using profile url

This will run the script and starts the brute force attack on the Instagram account of your target or victim.

you can check the wordlist file for the password scan details and the update on the script what it is doing an the results it obtained. check the screen shot below for the execution process.

Instagram Password List

There you go, now the script will tell you the Instagram password, when it finishes the brute attack.

I will come back with new updates and methods soon and will update this post as I find the new ways to hack Instagram, so, stay tuned.

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