Today, almost everyone has its profile on Facebook whether young or old. The most popular social networking site, Facebook recorded 1.45 billion daily active users and 2.20 billion monthly active users this year. Mark Zuckerberg day by day, improving the Facebook experience and enhancing its features to make it more secure and cultivable. But, Do you know – how secure your Facebook account is? This post will answer all these questions, especially how you can hack facebook account.

Hacking someone’s Facebook account is easy and it doesn’t require you much technical knowledge. Anyone can hack Facebook account and this is the dirtiest truth of any social networking site like Facebook. But, don’t worry; there are many ways to protect your Facebook account from hackers.

Simple ways to hack Facebook account

You all know, Facebook contains a lot of personal information, images, videos, and friends. Hacking someone’s facebook is like entering someone’s house for stealing purposes. Now, get ready to know how you can enter into someone else facebook account without his permission.

Trick 1: Forget password option

Logging in someone’s facebook account requires two things – email id and password. Getting an email id is not a big deal. You can search the victim’s email id in his contact info page of facebook. It is only the password that hinders our progression. The simplest thing you can do here is to use forget password option.

When you tap on Forgotten your password? Then Facebook will ask you to receive the code to reset your password via SMS or email. If you have access to victim’s phone, then you can easily reset the password and hacking is done. But, if you don’t have access to his phone then you can tap to “No longer have access to these?.”

Now it will ask “How can we reach you?.” Type any fake email id. (You have to first create a fake email id which is not linked to any Facebook account.) Now, it’s time to answer Facebook security questions which were already selected and answered by the victim. If you are able to guess them right then, you can easily reset the password. If not, then press on “Recover your account with help from friends”. This process will require you to choose three friends to whom the code will be sent by Facebook. To solve this problem you can create three fake Facebook profiles and send friend requests from these three accounts to the victim. If he accepts your friend request then your work is done.

Trick 2: Access to victim’s pc

I remember in my college days, my friends used to open their Facebook account in the computer lab. Thus, giving the hacker an opportunity to hack facebook account easily. This can either be done by using a software or a hardware which is designed to store the logs of the keystrokes. There are many keylogging software and hardware available in the market which is mainly used for hacking purposes. Keyloggers keep on tracking the keystrokes used by the user and send this information to the hacker. You can use many free keyloggers like – Refog Keylogger, Spyrix Keylogger, and Revealer Key-logger etc.

Trick 3: Facebook password recovery tools

There are many passwords extraction and recovery tools like icloudhack used for hacking purposes. These type of software are used for decrypting the password and cracking it.

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Protect your Facebook account

You cannot fully protect your Facebook account. But, you can make difficult for the hackers to hack your facebook account. I have listed few points below that will definitely help you to protect your Facebook account.

  1. You should not use your primary email id for the Facebook account. You should try to use a separate email id for your facebook account.
  2. Don’t mention your email id which is used to open your facebook account on the contact info of your Facebook account.
  3. Try to select a difficult security question and try to give a difficult answer to the security question chosen so that nobody could guess it easily.
  4. Select three reliable friends whom you want to receive the code sent by facebook in case you forgot your password.
  5. Try to use a difficult password for your facebook account. Usually, alphanumeric codes with special characters are usually difficult to crack. Try to use these.

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