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15+ Hidden, Funny and Cool Google Gravity Tricks Updated 2018

Do you need some fun? So, let us become children again with the Hidden, Funny and cool Google search tricks. Here, you can explore the real fun and impress your friends. You just need to type a small word on Google but,  instead of search, press the “I’m feeling lucky” tab. Now, You can see Google’s magic. That’s it! It is so much fun that you can’t even imagine.

So, what are waiting for? Call up your friends to come to your home for a magic show. Till the time they reach your home, you read this post and learn all the Know hows. All the cool hidden google tricks are simple to perform. You just need a laptop or desktop, an internet connection and google chrome browser installed in it. In case, you don’t have this browser installed on your device. Download it free from – Softonic.

15+ Hidden, Funny and Cool Google Gravity Tricks Updated 2018

Check out these list of fun google tricks 2018. Some of them make your life easier and others can add a little bit of fun to the way you use it like party tricks etc.

1. Tilt your screen google gravity trick

Have you ever seen Google in a tilted position? No. Let’s rediscover our Google again and explore this interesting google gravity trick can do for us. Type “Tilt” on the Google and click I’m feeling lucky button. You will see an image just like this

cool Google search tricks

You will see a tilted screen of the Google chrome first page. In case, you aren’t able to find “I’m Feeling Lucky” tab. Tap on the top right button of Google as shown in the image below. Next, click on the Google icon search tab. Now, this will open the main screen of the google chrome where you’ll definitely find “I’m Feeling Lucky” tab.

cool Google search tricks

2. Do a barrel roll cool google gravity tricks

We know that you love roller coaster ride. Right, guess! Those who can’t, let me explain to you. We are talking about rotating google 360 degrees. Just type “Do a barrel roll” and see what happens.

fun Google tricks


3. Atari Breakout funny google gravity trick

A small game but amazing will open up by the Google when you type “Atari Breakout”. So, play and have fun with your friends. I must say, this is the best google gravity trick offering to you for free.

fun google tricks

4. Google Terminal

This is cool google trick. When you type “Google terminal” and press I’m feeling lucky button. A screen will show up where you can do several fun activities. Here, Google will also ask you to choose S or L. Type either S or L and see what happens.

cool google tricks

At the top of the screen, you can see eight fun activities. You can choose any of these and have fun with your friends.

5. Google Pacman

Google Pacman is one of cool hidden google tricks. You can either type “Google Pacman” or if you have performed the above trick then you can simply click on “Pacman” at the top of the screen. Here, you can play your favorite Pacman game. Google gives three chances per game. However, you can play it unlimited times by clicking on insert coin (It will not ask to pay). It is an absolutely free game. So, play and have fun with your friends.

hidden google tricks

6. Zerg Rush

This will let you play a bubble game. This is so much fun. This is one of the simplest Google gravity tricks game. So, play it now!

hidden google tricks

Erase the posts by tapping on the bubbles. This will also let you make a score. I am sharing my score with you all. Share your scores too.

cool hidden google tricks

7. Weenie Google

Weenie Google can make you feel “inadequate”. Just type and see a screen becoming smaller.

cool hidden google tricks

Click on I’m feeling inadequate. You will find Google doodle list.

8. Google underwater – one of cool hidden google tricks

Let the google swim with this google gravity trick. Type anything in the text box like I have typed slashbug. Then, press I’m feeling lucky tab and see what happens.

cool hidden google search tricks

Coins and magic lamp will fall from the top to disorient the text box. Press, again and again, “I’m feeling lucky” tab so that more and more coins fall from the top.

9. Google Sphere

This google gravity trick will show you rotating texts while forming a sphere. It looks like electrons in an atom. Lol… Try this trick now!

cool hidden google search tricks

10. Google Rainbow

Google Rainbow is one of cool hidden google gravity tricks and it looks like Google is celebrating Holi. You have never explored the colorful google before. Explore the seven colors of the rainbow of Google with this magic trick.

cool hidden google tricks

11. Google Snake

Do you remember the snakes game that you used to play with your first mobile phone? You can play it with Google also. Explore this cool hidden google gravity trick and relive your childhood memories.

cool hidden google tricks

12. Google in 1980

Do you want to know what the Google would have looked like in 1980? Use this trick to explore 80’s Google. Enjoy!

cool hidden google search tricks

Google also looks good in 1980’s. Also, share with us what you explored from one of this best Google gravity tricks.

13. Google Guitar

Music lovers! I have a best google gravity trick for you. You can play your favorite Guitar with Google. You can play several melodies like – Twinkle, Happy Birthday, Harry Potter and Forest Gump. Just play what you want with this fun search trick. So, what are you waiting for? Try this cool hidden google search trick and impress your friends.

funny Google tricks

14. Google in Space

You must have seen astronauts in Space. Do you know how Google looks in Space? Use this one of cool hidden google gravity tricks to know more about Google in Space. This is one of my favorite fun Google search tricks.

funny google space trick

So, everything seems flying in the space with zero gravity. Also, It looks like you have opened your laptop in Space.

15. Google mirror

Search with the mirrored Google. Google mirror image looks so awesome. Don’t forget to try this best google search trick also.

Google mirror trick

16. Google gravity

Tried all the cool google tricks? Now, it is the time for the Awesome google search trick. Do you enjoy science experiments? If yes, then try this. You will able to see the effect of gravity on the Google with the best Google gravity trick. Awesome! Isn’t it??

Google gravity trick


So, now are you ready to try all these cool Google gravity tricks in front of your friends? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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