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Funny & Classic Pranking Ideas & Jokes ( Prank Your Friends)

Are you in the middle of a pranking war with your friends? Or maybe you are just feeling a little bit mischievous and want to poke some wholesome fun at a clueless friend. If so, then you would probably be searching for the best pranking ideas.

Pranking is a science. It involves a lot of careful preparation, planning, and scheming. You need to be diligent in ironing out all the details else you lose track of one aspect and all of your carefully built plans go to waste. When you talk about pranking, you need to be smart about doing it. You don’t become negligent as you will give away your position.

There are many aspects that go into pranking. The more elaborate and creative, the more you have to plan. Gone are the days of the simple pranking of switcheroos and whoopee cushions. If you want to really get your friend, you need to involve some serious effort and planning into it.

some Ingenious Pranking Ideas that I have laid out for you.

Read down below to be the best pranker among your friends!

Prank Call

Ah. The classic prank call is still one of the best pranks you can ever pull on your friends. You can easily turn your victim into a blabbering fool without them even knowing about it. Just make sure that you are a great actor and that you can change your voice register so your friend does not recognize it.
Some classic prank calls are: Call from the FBI, an angry Mexican, a medical emergency and an extraterrestrial encounter. Of course, this all depends on how long you can keep up your ruse without being made. The more gullible your friend is, the easier this becomes.
While it might be hard for beginners, you can easily master the art of prank calling with repetition. Just don’t use your own number so you don’t get caught. If all else fails, there are now voice generators that you can use so you don’t have to speak. Simply download the audio files and let them do the pranking for you!

Mark Their Headphones

No one owuld expect you to mess around with their headphones. When we decide to use our headphones, we just slap them on our heads without checking whether it was clean or dirty.
With this prank, you will need only some black oil paint. Simply brush some paint on the ear pads of your victim’s headphones. When they put it on, the wet paint will get transferred on their faces leaving them with black ears. This becomes more hilarious if they go around the entire day with their ears totally painted in.

Airhorn as a Door Wall Protector

Nothing says Gotcha more than an ear-piercing sound just as they enter the door. This will surely give your victim a shock that they will probably remember for the rest of their lives. The best thing about this prank is that it affects everyone around it. Anyone who is not in on your prank will most likely jump out of shock also as the sound blasts through their eardrums.
For this to work, you need to be subtle on how you position the airhorn behind the door. Be sure to be ready with some disgruntled co-workers in the office though.

Oreo Switcheroo

Another classic is the Oreo switcheroo. Who doesn’t love oreos? Oreos have become a national treat enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. Two chocolate biscuits with a decadent cream filling? Perfect.
Now what if someone were to switch the cream filling with a different substance, say whipping cream or toothpaste? The great thing about this is if you did a great job in putting the filling in, until your victims puts the Oreos in their mouths, they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.
Be warned. This is how trust issues are born.


Putting a co-worker or friend’s stuff in jello may seem a bit immature but it is still fun to watch them frantically tear up Jello off their items. The sticky food will surely give them hell. It would probably take days for the sticky feeling to be gone.
Warning: don’t put electronics in Jello as they will be destroyed.

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