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9 Best Prank Call Websites to Send Free Prank Calls to Friends [UPDATED 2019]

Many times, you have controlled your anger. Numerous times, you have to shut mum and countless times, you have pretended to laugh at silly jokes. Say a “goodbye” to all these. Now, you can easily make prank calls with the latest free prank call websites. say whatever you want, search for the prank call ideas. Check out these 8 Best Free Prank Call Websites to Send Free Prank Calls to your Friends – The most trending way to have fun with your friends without letting them know your identity.

Best Prank Call Websites to Send Free Prank Calls to your Friends

Park call them and Create a Laugh Out Loud moment and show everyone your wacky side. Dupe your friends, ex-partners, boss, or anyone you like. Don’t worry! No one will ever track you and you will be completely safe. Furthermore, you can make pranks calls for free. I have listed down several latest free prank call websites. In addition, I have also explained the ways to use best prank call sites and their features.

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Most Popular Free Prank Call Websites

1. free prankdial websites

free prank call websites

If you are looking for prankdial websites then Create a free account at free and get started to make free prank calls now. Moreover, the website also lets you choose an amusing sound to make automated sound prank calls to your friends. Apart from all these, the website also allows you to make your two friends unknowingly enter into a phone call conversation. In addition, you can also listen to their conversation and record the call with its unique feature. Here, you can choose any fake phone number and fake caller ID so that, your identity remains undisclosed.

how to get free tokens on prankowl

prankowl free tokens help you to have more credits and with this you will have more features PrankDial has to offer. Normally to get free tokens on prankowl simply goto free prankowl website and refer your friend to use prankowl. There are several methods to get free tokens on prankowl, one among them is by bots. Bots are now available to generate free prankowl tokens, check this link.

Get prankowl free by bot technique is:  Just take your referral link that looks like this , then go to and shorten the referral link, now add that link as an image in your signature. As simple as that, you did it smart.


best prank call website

Prank dial website helps you choose a hilarious prank call from its large database. You can here browse a wide range of pranks and send them free to your friends. You can also add extra features to your account by buying tokens from this site. These include – blocking ads, extra recording and extending the limit of calls per day etc.


funny prank call websites

Wacky prank calls lets you choose a wide range of hilarious prank calls from its prank call online database. Furthermore, it also lets you listen to it secretly. You just have to choose a prank call, enter victim’s information, wind up and your work is done. This site will then automatically make calls to the victim’s phone number and you can enjoy the call secretly.


free prank call websites

My phone robot is an awesome prank call online website by which you can make free prank calls for you. You can preview the pre-recorded call and send it to your friends. This free prank call website serves USA and Canada citizens only. You are allowed to send only 15 pranks in its free version and that too, once every 3 hours.

free prank call websites like Prankdial

If you’re searching for some free prank call websites like prankdial then you’re in the right place. Here, we have listed the top 4 best prankdial sites to make fun on your friends.

5. Site like prankdial: Easy Prank

free prank call websites like prankdial

Easy prank one of the best prankdial sites. It lets you send a prankdial call each other. Like other prank call websites, you can spoof your friends with fake phone calls. Moreover, on this prank call online site, you can preview your call before you actually make it. So, make hilarious calls easily to your friend’s and laugh out loud, don’t hesitating to think of new prank call ideas.

6. Prank call website like prankdial: The Funny Fone

free prank call websites like prankdial

The Funny Fone is the best website to make prank calls for free, but this website is onlly available in US and canada. When you sign up, you will recieve some credits to send the free prank call and to make prankdial call each other you have to buy the credits for ranging $4.55 for 30 credits. Send a tiger woods prank call for free from The Funny Fone website.  

7. prankdial sites: whospy

Enjoy prank calls, prank calling ideas and prank call experiences. Make prank calls to your friend’s phone number from your computer or PC. Try out,  It’s very simple to send prank calls, just enter the victim’s number and number to show on caller ID then enter the prank call message and select the prank voice; that’s it. Here, you’ll find lots of prank call ideas that you can try on your friends.

8. Free prank call website like prankdial:

free prank call websites like prankdial

If you want to tease your friends with some entertaining prank calls, then get started with This prank call online website lets you choose a humorous prank call from the numerous automated calls. Here, you just have to choose a prank call from the list provided by this website and then enter the victim’s phone number to send your prank call. But, this facility is only for US and Canada citizens only.

9. Prank call Nation

Prank call Nation is the most popular and active prank call network in the world. This is especially available in US and Canada. The Prank Call Nation provides prank shows, prank drama performances on their YouTube and social media channels. They have new prank call sessions every week releasing online. It’s worth checking out this website for some fun.

su_highlight]Note: Prank calls can go wrong so remember to use your common sense while teasing your friends on these Prank call websites.[/su_highlight]

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