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How to Get Free Google Play Gift Card Credit Codes No Survey – 7 Easy Ways

The google play store on android have millions of apps probably more than the rivals such as the Apple app store. Every Android user is definitely aware of Google play store to download and install their favorite Android apps. While many of these Apps are available for free, on the other side there are paid version of these apps with some extra features. Here in this post, we will guide you How to Get Free Google Play Credit 2018 in 7 Easy Ways with no survey to help you download those Paid Apps for free.

The developers want to charge you for their hard work contributing towards the App and this is justified for you to pay. To get those Paid Apps, you either need to pay or have free Google Play Gift Card Codes in exchange to get the Premium and excellent apps. If you can’t afford to spend on Apps then get lucky. Because there are some Android Apps that let you get free Google Play Codes and Earn Money by just installing other apps, watching videos and Playing Games but no survey required.

What are Google Play Gift Card Codes?

You get the Google Play Store Credit by adding the money from Debit/Credit card or by the Google Play Gift Cards which can be obtained by purchasing most of the things in the Google Play Store including Music, Books, Movies etc.

After purchasing the products in the Play Store, you will get sufficient credits in the Gift Card. You can spend them to buy paid apps or use them as gifts for your friends and family. Google also benefits from the Google Play Gift Cards in belief that the users will purchase more items and products in the play store to earn them.

And the great thing about these Google Play Codes is they never expire so you can keep saving more credits until you purchase your desired apps or games you wish.

History of Google Play Gift Cards

The Google Play Gift Cards came into existence by a software update Version 3.8.15 on Play store android app. On August 21, 2012 google made them official and rolled out the through an update over the next few weeks on all android devices.

How Google Play Gift Card Code Works?

1. How to redeem google play gift cards

Just follow this simple steps to redeem google play gift cards by Input your redeem code

  • Go to play store, choose an app you want to purchase.
  • At payment options, choose Redeem Code
  • Enter your Google Play Code that you purchased or obtained.
  • Then click Redeem, and Download the App.

2. Add Credits by Redeem Code

  • Go to Play Store
  • Click on settings >> Redeem.
  • Enter the Redeem code >> Redeem.
  • Now you can see your new Play Store Balance and you can use the Redeem option to download paid Apps.

3. Add Credits by Credit/Debit Card

  • Go to play Store
  • Click Stettings then My Account
  • Click on Add Credit/debit card
  • Enter your card details and save.

Get Free Google Play Gift Card Codes no survey no human verification 2018

To be honest most of you don’t want to pay for apps because you are already dealing with your bills and stuff. But you can follow me in this guide to learn about getting free google play gift card code no survey no human verification. Well really we got your back, here are the 9 Easy ways to get Free google play credit with no Survey required.

1. FreeMyApps

FreeMyApps is one the most popular apps to redeem google play credit gift cards for getting free gift cards in this category. You have to download sponsored apps and games like most other free reward apps to get points. Another way to get points is referring your friends to use this app.  This app is not just for free Google Play gift card codes but it also allows you to get gift cards and reward points for other services as well like Amazon, Spotify, Starbucks and Skype.

How to Get free google play credit gift card with FreeMyApps?

  • go to Play Store, download and Install FreeMyApps
  • Download the sponsored apps and games in the App
  • Watch sponsored YouTube Videos in the App to get points
  • Just earn points by trying these apps, games, watching videos and referring friends.
  • Redeem the points for free google play codes.

2. FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints is easy to earn points just by downloading sponsored free apps on your phone and trying them for couple of minutes. These apps vary from games, music, books etc. Also you can watch videos suggested to earn points. The points you earn here can be exchanged for getting free Google Play gift card codes and online gift cards.

3. AppNana

AppNana is one of the well known rewards apps that offer free Google Play gift cards, PayPal, Xbox, Amazon gift cards etc. In this app instead points, you will earn nanas by downloading other apps and games. When you try these downloaded apps after installation so that you can earn the nana points.

4. Cubic Rewards

Try free apps and play games suggested by Cubic Rewards and you will receive free google play credit and other credits. With these credits you purchase apps from Google Play store. With Cubic Rewards you can have rewards for Amazon, Paypal, iTunes, Tango etc.

5. Tap Cash Rewards

This is one the most downloaded app in the Google Play Store with over 1 million downloads. Just try the free apps and games to get free gift card for google play and rewards. I highly recommend you to try this app and use it for yourself. You can also make money with the App by watching videos, installing sponsored apps etc.

6. Cubicer

Like the other rewards generating, Cubicer has the similar features. Earn free google play gift card codes by using the apps and games that you have downloaded. Also you can make additional points by referring your friends to this app.

7. Buy a Chromecast

Profit the offer from Google on purchasing the Chromecast you will get free Google Play Credit. Once you have set up your chromecast. You can redeem all the available offers of your chromecast from the Google Home App. Please note that some offers are region and country specific.

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