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How to Find Out Who Owns an Email Address

When you received an email from unknown sender and you’re curious to find person by email who is behind that Email address before you reply to that conversation which might have some bogus information. May be it’s from a fake email address or spam links that you weren’t heard of. Then don’t jump into confusion yet. Wondering How to find out who owns an email address? then there are easy ways to track the owner of that email address just by some online search tricks.

In fact, sending an email to the email address is the most traditional way to ask and find the owner of email address or identity of a person. But sometimes this option might not that helpful because the person behind an email address might not want to reveal his identity.

Find out who owns an email address with Google search:

Google one of the leader in searching information, it is just basics to start to search for anything. You can get chances to find out who owns an email address if he/she has any public profiles on online websites and any other social media platforms. You can just type the email address and perform a search. But this will be a little help.

In most cases you might be able to find person by email if the person has blogs/websites or commented on any posts or articles etc. But this is not the ultimate solution, if you didn’t uncover the person behind the email through google search then following are some other ways to help identify who owns that email address.

Find Person behind an Email Address by Reverse Email Lookup

The Reverse email search is a tool that helps to find information about people by email address. It integrates to search in various platforms like social media, online public profiles, user comments, blog posts, trace email tools, Email sender location tracking etc. This technique plays an important role to find out who owns an email address.

The search performed using a Reverse Look-up can help to find person behind an email address. This is used when you know only the email address and want to find the person behind an email address. More over there are other methods to do the Reverse Email search, some of them are listed below.

#1. Reverse Email search with Facebook.

The probability of the sender using the Facebook is much higher, you simply cannot skip this. Facebook lets you search through the user database and public profiles based on the email address to make your job easier. Just search in Facebook with the email address. You will probably have some chances to find the person on Facebook by an email address. It will instantly pop the sender profile in the search results if it’s in the database or not.

#2. Reverse Email search with Google images.

Once you are able to find the person profile on Facebook by email address then download their profile picture and upload to google images. This is one of the technique in reverse email search to find unknown person behind an email id. Doing this can tell google to find their social profiles which used the same picture.

#3. Trace Mail: Trace Email Account Owner

Trace Mail is tool to find the person behind an email using sender’s IP and track the source of the unknown email you received. Let’s see how this exactly works. It will examine the header of the email to find the IP address. The email header is the information such as sender, date, subject, CC, Time stamp and mail transfer agent. You don’t need to worry about this, because the email trace tool will take care of it.

Steps to trace an email:

  1. Open the email message you want to trace
  2. just  click on the drop down symbol in the reply button
  3. Now choose ” show original message ” for gmail. Or ” view message source ” for Microsoft outlook.
  4. Here can find all the info regarding the headers, just copy it.
  5. Now Goto Trace Mail website. Scroll down to Trace Mail Analyser then paste the copied source in to the Trace Email Analyzer box.
  6. Click Get Source, scroll down and see the results.

Find person by Email with People Search

If the above methods didn’t work then try the people search service like Spokeo and Pipl to find person by email address. These both services will allow you to perform reverse email search but with Spokeo has more grip in the people information.

Other than the regular database, Spokeo service also scans social networks. It also performs whois information of domain names to find any bit of information associated with an email address.

So these are the working tricks and steps to take if you get an email from unknown person and before giving reply to that email, you might want to find basic information about that person. Hope you will find person by email using the steps mentioned here like reverse emailaddress lookup, people search services and facebook search by email address.

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