Facial recognition

Several Interesting Facts About Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) is a debatable topic nowadays. It is one of the most power-packed technologies for the latest generation. Moreover, this interesting technology is growing day after another due to the attached several future prospects. However, technology is not always a bliss for the masses. Many people proposed fear of the several threats that are accompanied by this technology. However, we are only interested to discuss only its pros and future prospects.

Facial recognition

There are several interesting facts associated with Facial Recognition technique. In this blog, we will try to unveil those many facts to you to outweigh its cons. So, let’s discuss the several possibilities of the FRT.

Facebook Business Marketing Strategy

Facebook uses Facial Recognition Technology to automatically tag a person by searching face. It also uses this technology to keep track on your social activity. Moreover, The FRT used by the facebook carries a strong algorithm that can even find you in your blurred images. All these algorithms help to facilitate Facebook in supporting its business by allowing brands to know their customers. Basically, It helps the brands to locate their customers and gather all the relevant information about them.

Matrimonial websites and online dating apps

There are a bulk of online dating apps and matrimonial websites nowadays. They all help you to pick the most suitable match for you. But, you have to search a lot to find a good match for you. Isn’t it?

Nowadays, all these websites and dating apps like Tinder are ready to help their users with the help of FRT.  Now, you can easily find your ideal match by automatically filtering out the irrelevant profiles according to the facial description. This is a great news for all the Single but ready to Mingle people.

Identification of missing people

Every year, several people go missing in this world.  It has become a big challenge for the government to identify those and reunite them with their families. Recently, a Chinese app helped many families to find their lost ones. This app works on the Face Recognition Technology as its built-in feature. An image once uploaded on this site is searched through scanning the image at several places.

Manage Images

Today’s date, Google assistant, and several other apps have FRT as a built-in feature. All these help you to manage and organize your images in your system (Laptop or Android phone etc.).  It can also allow several companies to organize their files by scanning their worker’s images. Furthermore, a company can maintain its employee’s attendance records by using FRT.

Find Health Issues Through Facial Recognition

The face can be a measure to depict several diseases just like Face reading magician does. No, we are not joking here. Like, when you visit your physician, he finds clues of disease from your face color and shades of your eye.  This technology can also work in a similar way. It can help you find your disease before actually visiting your doctor. Moreover, it can also depict any signs of genetic disorders or rare diseases.

Prevention of Crime

Face recognition can help in tracking the criminal before he commits the crime. This sounds like a James Bond who is too fast to complete his mission. But, yes, everything is possible with the help of FRT. This technology works more or less like a CCTV camera. In a big crowd, it tracks the suspicious persons through facial traits. Then, the person can be further questioned by the guards to prevent the crime. Thus, this helps the government in maintaining peace in the country.

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