Easy Ways to Convert GIF to Video for Instagram

Instagram is well popular social network in these days. We actually talk much about Instagram usually on this blog, I wrote quite couple of articles on Instagram relating the Instagram Quotes, Instagram Status and Captions , Hacking Instagram etc. If you have time please check them out.

Well you made your creative GIF content and now are you looking how to convert GIF to Video to post it as video on your Instagram? If yes then stay tuned here, I am going to show some cool apps, online websites,  and easy ways to convert a GIF to Video on your iPhone, Android, PC and Mac. There are certain number of possibilities to do this and it is easy to perform it. Just follow the below steps, where I guide you through apps, online tools, windows software and mac software to covert the GIF format file to a video format.

Reason To Convert a GIF file to Video

You know it I guess, on Instagram we cannot post the GIF file as a post because Instagram can’t detect the GIF format and it needs to be a proper video file in order to post it. Not only Instagram but many other social media platforms doesn’t support GIF videos native. For example on Facebook, the GIF file creates an external link which streams from it, and this link is either stored on the Facebook server or the external web link. But Instagram doesn’t even support this, because of this we all want to convert an Animated GIF to Video for Instagram.

Easy Ways to Convert GIF to Video for Instagram

There are quite possible ways to convert a GIF format file to Mp4 video by using some apps available on Android and iOS. If you are working on your PC or Mac you can have a software to convert Gif to video for Instagram or else online by video converting websites. So, there are quite a few easy ways to convert a gif to video. Let’s start exploring them.

Convert GIF to Video Android

Here we will be discussing about the converting a GIF file to video using an android device by installing an android app on it. I will mention those android apps.


gif to video android

Gif2video is most preferred android app and it’s popular app in this category. I recommend to use this app for uploading an animated GIF to Instagram by converting the GIF file to video because it is easy and has good user interface.

Using an Android App to convert GIF to Video:

  • As soon as you installed the app,
  • select the gif file from your photo or media library.
  • select the video format you like to convert.
  • Usually it is gif to .MP4 video format.
  • After the conversion, click share and post it on your Instagram.

GIF to Video

gif to video android app

Another amazing android app to convert GIF to video. This app does the work, it is fast and efficient. Select the GIF files from your mobile media library, or Reddit Gifs from their link. convert Giphy Gifs to video and then share the converted video file to social networks.

Convert GIF to Video iOS:

iPhone users, I didn’t forget you. Looking to convert Gifs to Video for Instagram on your iPhone? then there is an awesome app in the app store to convert the GIF to video iPhone. Not just one but there are actually plenty, but I am talking about this one, because it is something I personally use and it works.


gif to video ios

GIfShare is an awesome iOS app used to Post GIFs for Instagram as Videos. Basically it converts the GIF file to video format. It allows you to upload animated Gifs as videos to the most social media platforms. Also you can discover new Gifs with in the app by browsing their GIF library. Hence this is a best iPhone app that allows to upload GIF and post it as video to many social media platforms.

Using an iOS App to convert GIF to Video:

  • You can search and download Gifs with this iOS app and post them to Instagram
  • Editing options for Gifs like changing background and effects.
  • ability to convert Gif to video Instagram
  • share the converted GIF videos directly to Instagram.

Instagram’s app called Boomerang for iOS and Android

Boomerang app for Gif to videos

It is important to know the Instagram’s own version of GIF to video converter App called Boomerang. This App Boomerang is for making GIF like Videos. Which basically can merge the photos taken by your smartphone then it bursts and stitches those photos together to a one file which is like a live photos or Gifs. After the file created by the Boomerang app you can post it directly to Instagram as Video.

Online Tools to Convert GIF to Video for Instagram

There is a website that has an online tool to turn GIF into video for Instagram. You don’t need to download anything, just go to the website and follow the simple steps.

Online Tool gif to video converter

  1. Go to the website https://video.online-convert.com/convert-to-mp4 
  2. Upload  the GIF file you want to convert. You can also upload from google drive or insert the gif link to convert to video.
  3. select the format of the video to which the GIF file should be converted, usually it is .mp4 format as most social media networks support the .mp4 format.
  4. Then click on ” Start Conversion ” at the bottom of the form in the website.
  5. After that step, you have to wait a little to download your converted video, which is automatic. Depending on on your browser and download manager setting it normally asks you to download and download path. Just click download, after the converted video is saved you can easily transfer to you phone or upload it to Instagram.

Wondershare Filmora: turn GIF to Video for Instagram by software on pc, mac

If you are someone who like to find all possible ways of making a thing work then welcome. Here is the another Method to Convert a GIF to a Video for Instagram by a software available for PC and Mac. The Wondershare Filmora is best in class video editing and converting software it supports multiple formats which are most used and supported by many websites and media sites. According to our need now, this software is among the best it let’s you upload animated GIF to Instagram by converting the GIF to video for Instagram. Let’s see how it helps you to:

  • Convert GIF to Video and Vice Versa
  • create animated gifs from videos
  • export the converted gif video to .mp4 format for Instagram
  • Define frame rate, size for the Gif Images.

Download for Windows | Mac

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