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Easy Ways to Hack Someones Instagram Account, no download & no survey

Easily Hack someones Instagram account without downloading anything or without using any suspicious malicious software. The trend to continue hacking of online social media accounts have been growing significantly. People want to know their friends or relatives online activity by hacking Instagram password or any other social networking website passwords, something that is kept secret with using the account password.

This results in the situation as everyday some thousands of Instagram accounts are being hacked, among these social networks, Instagram is one of the biggest target of hacking. This is because of the hackers wanted to have fun, and they also do some tricks to make money for fun. In this post, i am going to tell you some of those tricks and techniques to Hack anyones/someones Instagram account easily without downloading anything.

Easy Ways to Hack Instagram Account [Tricks & Tips] :

Let’s get started, here i will list out the most working ways to Hack an Instagram account, i have verified all the methods before posting them here, to save your time and worries. In the recent times people have complained about some fake websites and tools that demand to do surveys to hack Instagram, or download something to hack Instagram. I did know that this cause little trouble, so i have taken those into consideration and i have implemented the methods to Hack someones Instagram account without their password or to hack Instagram accounts no survey. I hope the following tutorial of latest tricks on Hacking anyone’s Instagram in no time.

1. Instagram Account Hack: without download / no Survey

Step 1: Login into your Instagram account

Make sure that you have logged in to your Instagram account, if not then log in, and be ready for the next step.

Step 2: Find your Victim

At this stage, you have to choose someone or anyone as your victim, or the one who you wanted to hack or attack their Instagram account.

Step 3: Follow / Follow Request your victim

After choosing your victim, you have to follow or send a follow request for him/her.

Step 4: Report your victim

Now, navigate to  your victims profile and choose ” report user ” in the options beside the follow button.

Step 5: Goto the ” Report Something ” page

Here, you will see the list of options and solutions to report, among these choose ” Login & Troubleshooting ” in the left menu.

hack instagram account

Then click ” i Can’t login ” in the left menu options. After that, at the right menu click on the  ” What can I do if my email address can’t be found during a password reset? “.  Finally click on the ” you’ve previously linked ” option.

hacking instagram account

Once you have reached this page, type your victims username in the address bar, don’t erase or clear anything, just type the victims username at the end of the url address and then hit enter. That’s it, someones Instagram account is hacked. Now you can do anything you want, you have full access of someones Instagram account.

2. Hack Someones Instagram account by finding Security loopholes

In the latest happenings of security loopholes and hacks. We came to know how hackers hack Instagram account, with respective to some tricks, tips and tools. The new apps and tools have been so successful but there may be some security breaks or leaks, even if the app is very well secured. Hackers are able to bypass any type of security system.  A quick note to remember is a lot of hacking of Instagram or any other social media accounts does not only involve in getting into servers, infecting computers etc. It actually involves in manipulating people, to get things done, and achieve what hackers wanted from the people.

Recently a security researcher Stevie Graham have reported an authentication bug on instagram’s iOS software, but was denied bug bounty by Facebook. Apparently, the bug is not new or it was not that serious to consider.

So, Graham have gone public with instructions on How to hack someones Instagram account. Let’s go.

step 1: The things you need are shared WiFi, Packet Sniffer and willingness to hack Instagram account.

Now that you have the tools, it’s time to use the Firesheep technique. It basically involves understanding how the browser captures and stores the session cookies by http or https during a particular session when the user login to their account.

step 2: using Social Network Security method

This is a session authentication for security, handled by Instagram and other social media sites. This actually works like this:

  • Using HTTPS accept the connection and let the user enter his/her username and password over an secure connection, to stop access from unauthorized users.
  • Now send back a unique session cookie with one time cryptographic code that certifies the user has already logged in correctly while having the cookie valid until logout.
  • Eventually, accept the cookies over the insecure connections such as HTTP
  • So, here we have accessed the user session cookie, that can hijack/spy his current Instagram in real time.

3. Hack Instagram Account by Firefox plugin “Firesheep”

Firesheep is an extension for firefox browser that demonstrates HTTP session hijacking attacks. It uses a packet sniffer to analyse un-encrypted cookies from websites like Instagram and other social media sites. As we discussed earlier Hacking Instagram account using the Social Network Security method describes the functionality of this Firefox plugin.

This is what exactly made the Instagram and Facebook to use HTTPS all the time. But it is possible to find the unsecured connection, where this type of attack can be succeeded. Simply it determines as, In the Instagram account, no encrypted session cookie to sniff, means no sessions to hijack.

So, we have Hacked Instagram, What’s Next?

Little things to keep in mind:

  • Be safe, don’t try this, definitely not nice. At least don’t do it to someone’s else account, unless they give you permissions to do so.
  • The Information presented above is for Educational Purpose or for Individual use only.
  • In the meanwhile, try to stay safe and secured. You can also use this information on understanding how Hackers Hack Instagram Account or social media accounts. And fix those loopholes in your account to stay safe from attackers.

 Update:  New Methods to Hack Instagram Account 2019 

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