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How to Block YouTube Ads?

Nothing comes free! Surely you have to pay for everything in this world.  But, it is very annoying to compromise quality when it comes to online viewing. Basically, the most popular online video streaming app ‘YouTube’ is cluttered with several ads. Altogether, it is very irritating to watch several short interval ads lined up one after another. Are there any ways to block YouTube ads? Yes, not just one but there are many.

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Are you tired of ads filling your YouTube page? Don’t worry! You can easily block YouTube ads and experience the ad-free viewing. One thing, you should know is that there is nothing wrong with removing the ads. So, why to waste your internet data (MBs) on the unnecessary ads? Moreover, there are several ways to do this.  These are –

Block YouTube Ads Safari/Chrome/Firefox 2018

Watch and enjoy YouTube videos without those annoying ads. Weather you are using Windows 10/8/7 or Mac OS X/Sierra/High Sierra no matter, Follow the tricks below and get rid of those ads.

#1. YouTube Red

block Youtube ads

If you are too much annoyed with the ads, then pay Google to change your Youtube to Youtube Red.  Youtube Red will not only remove ads but you can download any video offline and you will also get a subscription to Google Play Music. So, subscribe to Youtube Red and get an ad-free streaming of music and videos on its website or mobile app.

#2. Install Ad blocking apps to block YouTube ads

There are several adblocking software and apps available in the market. But, here we will discuss only the free software and apps which are available easily online. Some of these are – Adblock plus, Windscribe, uBlock and DoggiePIM etc. You can get different versions according to your windows and web browser used. You can install any app according to your need. Once you have installed it, you will notice that the app will automatically block the ads.

#3. Turn Off ads on your YouTube page

If you don’t want to install any software on your pc, then it’s fine. You can try another method to remove the ads on Youtube and you can simply do this by following few steps.

  1. Visit your Youtube page by logging into your Google/Youtube account.
  2. Click on Creator Studio. You can find this icon on the top right of your Youtube page.
  3. Creator Studio opens up several options like – Dashboard, video manager, community, and channel etc. You now have to click on Channel which will open up channel settings.
  4. Go to advanced settings. This will open up several options. You will see a checkbox “Allow Advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos”. Uncheck this and this will turn off all the ads featured on your Youtube page.

Just by following the above four steps, you can simply turn off ads and solve your problem.

#4. Block YouTube Ads on your Android phone

block Youtube ads

You cannot block the ads on YouTube page with your android phone directly or by just changing the settings. Although, you can block ads on YouTube by downloading adblocking apps from play store. Some of the best free apps for the above purpose are

  • Adclear by Seven networks,
  • Adguard Content Blocker by Adguard software limited,
  • Adblock fast by Rocketship Apps,
  • Apps Ads detector by Multiverso digital,
  • Adblocker browser by Adblock and
  • Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet – Browse safe by eyeo GmbH.

By installing any one of the apps from the play store, you can easily block the ads on your YouTube page.

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