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Keyword Research: Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Appropriate long tail keywords are very important for any site to work well with SEO in this highly competitive market. One cannot neglect this nowadays because ignoring these means you will let your competitors grab a chance to deviate your site’s traffic to their site. Also, it’s very tricky when it comes to How to find long tail keywords and track their position by seo tools rank checker. In order to find the best Longtail keywords for SEO, we suggest you to use good long tail keyword tools. We have curated this post that will answer all your questions relating long tail keywords.

What are Long Tail Keywords & and their Importance?

Long Tail Keyword Tool

Long Tail Keywords are 3 plus words or phrases which are highly specific to the content of your post. Basically, these are used to optimize your SEO rankings and target the correct potential customers. Moreover, if you’re heading for more traffic to your site then, using the correct long tail keywords and good long tail keyword tool are the only way out. Keywords completely describe your post and type of site you are using. The search engines like – Google, Yahoo,..etc. also look out for the keywords used in the post to show up your post. In order to rank well on search engines, long tail keywords are a must. Thus, choosing a correct long-tail keyword is a win-win in all aspects.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords with Best Long Tail Keyword Tool?

Long Tail Keyword Tool


There are several tools from which you can find the best long tail Keywords. But, if you’re more specifically and straightforwardly looking for How to find Long Tail Keywords, then we have all the answers. Long tail Keywords are easily available but how to choose the best from them is very tricky. You need to follow several optimization tricks and search various results following different metrics. Also, a particular business has several competitors and focusing on different keywords. We think you get the first clue of finding a good keyword by just copy pasting what your competitors are using. But, this doesn’t work all the times. So, let’s discuss in detail how to find long tail keywords.

Find Keywords with Google’s Related Searches

Long Tail Keyword Tool

Google is the most used search engine for browsing over the web. It uses several algorithms and tools to rank a site and show up search results according to the rank of the site. Google rating and ranking systems cannot be ignored when finding a good keyword. Also, Google also suggests its users of certain keywords so that they can search more related to the topic. All these are Google’s related searches, you can use all those keywords to increase more traffic. Let’s discuss in detail how to find long-tail keywords through google’s related searches.

free long tail keyword generator: Google Suggestions

Google search suggestions are the best option to find the Long Tail Keywords. Whenever anyone starts’s searching about anything, Google starts predicting what we are supposed to write according to its top searches. For example, in the image below, we searched in the address bar – ” How to find out Google “. We got several suggestions from the Google on what topics we can search like – How to find out Google Account etc.


Long Tail Keywords

All these suggestions are very important when you want to search for a good topic on which you want to write a post. Also, these are good long tail keywords that can be used by you to generate more traffic to your site and increase its ranking. I highly recommend to use this free long tail keyword generator by google suggestions.

free long tail keyword generator: Related Keywords on Google’s search results

Google also lists several keywords at the end of the page. You can find these below the Google’s Caption “Searches related to…….”. For example, We tried to search for the topic “How to find Google”. We get several results in blue, as shown in the image below. All these are keywords which you can use in your post.

Long Tail Keyword Tool

All these Keywords are generated by Google and these are the best keywords that you can use. Moreover, There are several short and long tail keywords that you can use in your posts to increase more visibility to your post. Always Remember this golden rule, more the number of good keywords used in the posts, more will be the traffic. This doesn’t mean to spam your article with keywords.

free long tail keyword generator: Google Trends

Long Tail Keyword Tool

Usually, the searching trends of the people changes with the new technology, change in lifestyle, etc. However, there are several more factors that play a role in day to day change in the searches. People sometimes will be seen searching a particular keyword more and after a few days, they will lose interest in that keyword and traffic decreases for that keyword. So, be updated with what’s trending and Google trends is a great way that will provide you with accurate results of what people are searching nowadays across different countries or regions in the world as shown in the image below.

free Long Tail Keyword Tool

Find Long Tail Keywords Tool For SEO

There are several tools that offer several good features. Some brag for a feature like good CPC, seo tools rank checker, some for low competition rates, and some for high traffic etc. We want to discuss here only the best tools so that you get maximum features by using a single tool. We already gave you information about Serpstat in the last post. Now, Check out more tools which are best tools to find long tail keyword. Let’s learn How to find long tail keywords for seo in 2018.

free long tail keyword tool: Long Tail Pro

keyword tracking tool

Long Tail Pro is the best long tail keyword tool in our point of view. But is a paid tool, and it offers many features in addition to finding profitable long-tail keywords.  It is power-packed with loads of features that can greatly impact your site’s rank to increase. You can also search according to high CPC that’s very good to increase revenue for Google Adsense as shown in the image. Long Tail Pro is best tool to find long tail keywords that help you in ranking.

You can grab a complete 10-day free trial from here.

Long Tail Keyword Tool

In fact, you should not produce a new article on your site without first doing a little research on the keyword (s) you intend to target. This in order to:

  • Check the degree of competition on the targeted keyword and evaluate your chances of ranking “quickly”
  • Get a list of long tail keywords to include in your article to expand your reach.
  • Select the most qualified keywords (understand with the strongest commercial intent) to convert your visitors into buyers / registrants.

You can generate several long-tail keywords and easily check their ranking on different search engines before actually choosing any one. Also, this tool provides several other features like – Keyword competition checker, Export and import keywords and a good domain name research.

free long tail keywords tool: Wordstream’s Free Keyword Research Tool

Find Longtail keywords

Wordstream is an excellent long tail keyword tool that’s free to search for a maximum of 30 searches. After thirty searches it stops its free services and it will ask to take its paid plans. This tool is very simple to use and is much user-friendly than any other tool. In addition, Wordstream’s free keyword tool provides you more actionable information such as keyword tracking tool and seo tools rank checker as compared with other tools that will help you to rank ahead of your competitors. The keyword information it provides has options like – CPC, competitive level, and PPC as shown in the image below. Thus, you get all the necessary information you need to finally select few best long tails keywords. Try WordStream’s FREE Long Tail Keyword Tool today!

Long Tail Keyword Toolfree long tail keyword tool: KW Finder

how to find Long Tail Keywords

KWFinder is widely used in the field of SEO. It uses tools like Majestic and Moz, allows you to know the number of monthly searches carried out around a keyword or know the related words or the difficulty to ranker related to the keyword. It’s easy to use with a simple search box for finding Long Tail Keywords For SEO. The best part is, you can research keywords for specific countries or specific locations or specific language audience with it’s keyword tracking tool feature. Many good keyword finding tools don’t provide this feature. Moreover, Mangools this tool provider offers a free plan to its user. In its free plan, any user can search 50 keywords and can access this site three times a day.

Try KWFinder now

Find Long Tail Keywords

Created and started in 2014, KWFinder has since experienced several improvements making it more and more efficient.

Its features can allow you to:

  • Knowing for a keyword, the number of monthly searches and possible variations
  • Have an idea of the difficulties of positioning on a niche
  • Detect metrics and compare them as needed
  • Analyze in all languages are taken into account
  • keyword tracking tool

In addition, this tool is amongst the best tools to find long tail keywords by providing valuable metrics reports. You can search long tail keywords that are doing best in any of the following metrics – CPC, SEO rank, PPC, and search volume as shown in the image above. Moreover, this tool helps you to do campaigns and add target keywords to your campaigns.

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