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Best CMD commands that are cool and useful for every Window user

CMD commands or Command prompt are power-packed Microsoft tools. However, this tool is a simple and useless looking black and white screen. But, Command Prompt is a simple looking magical world that can control your Windows. Moreover, it is a very useful tool for the hacking world. As it has the power to control the functions of your PC. Command Prompt is one of the amazing tools of Microsoft.

There are several useful CMD commands that any Microsoft user must know. We have compiled a list of simple yet useful commands that you should try on your PC.

HELP Command – one of the most useful window CMD commands

Open your Command Prompt and type “HELP”. Now, press enter. It will let you know all the important window CMD commands that you can try on this platform. More specifically, it opens up A to Z directory of all the commands with the description of each and every command. Try all these commands listed in the Help command.

CMD commands

EXIT command

If you want to close the command prompt, Just type “EXIT” and press enter. The dialog box will close and you’ll come to the main window.

CMD commands


the systeminfo windows cmd command helps you to know everything about your PC. It will display your PC’s configuration and properties. Just you have to type “SYSTEMINFO” and press enter in Command Prompt.

CMD commands

Set color of your choice 

Are you bored with the black and white CMD screen? You can easily change the color of the text on CMD screen. Just follow these steps,

  • You can find a menu bar on the top left corner of the CMD screen. Right click on it.

CMD commands

  • Tap on properties. Then, you will be able to see several options to change the screen layout and settings. After that, tap on colors.CMD commands
  • Several options will appear in front. Suppose, you want to change the CMD screen text into green color. Then, Choose screen text and green color from the options available on the screen. After that, tap “OK” to proceed. Now, you will see that all the text on the command prompt screen is green now.

CMD commands

  • You can also change the color of screen background by choosing Screen background and your favorite color.

CMD commands

Reset to the Default color 

If you want to again restore the settings you changed, then you can do it easily with the help of a command. You have to type “COLOR” and press enter in the Command prompt. By doing this, you will be able to set the default colors of the CMD screen i.e. Black and White.

CMD commands

Or, you can change it back to the original colors with the help of Command Prompt properties and select the original colors.

cmd network commands:

Windows Network Diagnostic Commands. ipconfigIpconfig is a Console Command which can be issued to the Command Line Interpreter (or command prompt) to display the network settings currently assigned to any or all network adapters in the machine. some of cmd network commands netstattracertpingpathpingtelnetftp.route.

Wifi Hotspot network command

You can easily create your Wifi Hotspot. But, before doing that, you need to change the settings of Control Panel. Follow the following steps

Go to PC settings> Control Panel >  Network and Internet >Network and Sharing Center

CMD commands

Select “Set up a new connection or network” and allow other networks to connect with your PC. Once you are done, now open CMD commands screen and Type the following command –

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Youthotspotname key=yourpassword

Thus, this command will help you enable your Hotspot. In order to, start the Wi-Fi hotspot, enter –

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Turn off Wifi hotspot network command

In order to turn Off the Wi-Fi hotspot, type the following command:

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

Find IP address network command

You can also find IP address of any website, you want. Just try this command –

” ping <address of website>”

For eg – Ping

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