Best apps for iphone

Most Popular & Best Must Have iPhone Apps of All Time {Mostly FREE}

Got your new iPhone? Now, you must be searching for the best free apps for iPhone of All Time. We have curated a list of best apps for your brand new iPhone which you can download for free or paying minimal charges. Read more to find out those must-have iPhone apps.

Best Free Must Have Apps for iPhone in 2018

Best apps for iphone

There are several apps available for free download in 2018. But, due to the limited space of your iPhone, you can download only a few. To help you decide what’s new and best App for your iPhone, we have compiled a list of best iPhone Apps ever which are must have iPhone apps. Learn about the best iPhone apps from the list provided in the post.

Top iPhone Apps of All Time


Flipboard is one of the must have iphone apps which is available for free download. With this app, you can stay updated with the latest news and popular stories around the world. It is been trusted by millions of people every day. This app also lets you share your own perspective with others. Here, you can easily choose your own interest in cricket, cars, politics,…., and gather its full story from deep insight. This is the must-have and the best news app for your iPhone. So, download it now.



Snapchat is one of the must have iPhone apps with which you can easily chat with your friends. This is the best social networking platform where you can send your photos or videos to your friends. Here, you can easily view your friend stories or build your own Snapchat story. Also, you stay updated with latest news and events. In addition, you stay updated with the latest activities of your friends. Every picture or video lasts for about 10 seconds after which it gets deleted automatically.



Enlight is one of the best photo editing tools that runs on iOS platform. This best iphone app includes several powerful tools and features especially for iPhone 7 users or latest iPhones. It has several advanced and customizable features like – filters, special effects, colors and much more. It performs well with Apple’s devices allowing you to achieve almost full performance.



Kindle is amongst the best free apps for iPhone that offers a great platform for ebook readers. If you enjoy reading on your iPhone, then this is the best app for you. Kindle contains a huge database that offers the largest collection of ebooks in the world. It contains several ebooks for free. However, for unlimited reading, you need to subscribe to Kindle for about $10 a month.



Clips are one of the best apps for iPhone users backed by Apple itself. It is a wonderful app that lets you share your videos with clips. Clips are similar to sharing your story on Facebook or Instagram. It is Apple’s new way to share your clips on your social media. With the help of this app, you can make short videos or funny videos to share with your friends and family. This is the most powerful app that helps you record or filter your video or create slideshows of your images. It also contains video editing tools to create what you like.


Coach’s Eye

Coach’s eye is the best iphone app for athletes or players. It lets you record your movement in slow motion while playing with your friends. You can analyze movements like – tennis serve, golf swing, cricket movement and others. This app serves as a commentator for you. In addition, this app helps you compare two videos and make comments on them. So, what are you waiting for? Download it now!



TapeAcall is one of the best iPhone apps ever. It helps you to record phone calls. If your phone doesn’t have an inbuilt recorder then, this is the best app for you. This app contains simple to use features. Just you need to open the app before calling someone or while you are on a call. In addition, this app provides several powerful features like visual voicemail, easy navigation etc. It also offers transcription services to its paid customers.


Google Docs

Google Docs is the best app for your iPhone which is powered by Google. This helps you create and edit your documents with a great ease. You can also collaborate and share your documents with others. Further, you can also save your documents on cloud drive with the help of this app. This app also lets you work on your document in offline mode so that you can easily edit your document without looking at your MBs.



Vue is the best video editing iPhone app with powerful features. It allows you to edit videos up to three minutes long. It also allows you to add filters, titles, and stickers to your short videos. Moreover, you can also use several advanced features that allow you to adjust the video according to your requirements. In addition, you can create short clips with a great sense of style.



Letterboxd is the best iPhone app ever for the film lovers. This app lets you stream your favorite movie. You can also track what’s your friends watching list. Here, this app also lets you comment on latest blockbusters reviews. You can also give a rating to the movies. Here, you can easily search the movie you want to watch and add to your favorites.


Best iPhone Apps: Top 10 Running Apps for iPhone

It might be pretty confusing sometimes to choose an app or search an app for exactly for the particular activity or the task. Like you have lot of needs and requirements in your life while using a smartphone and expect a solution from an app to help you out. Here in the case of running app, especially I understand that you are looking for a specific activity it is running only. There are lot of apps in the app store for iPhone on the fitness and sport which developed by fitness companies or developers who have community of fitness and want to help you by making some business. In this article I will try to share some of best running apps for iPhone. I will just do a list of these best running apps for iPhone because I don’t feel like adding description here instead you can go to the app page and get to know more about it if in case you are an investigator.

Best iPhone Apps: best iPhone email or mail app

To continue further on top iPhone apps of all time, let’s dive in more app categories to find them. I guess you probably got this idea to sort best email app for iPhone or to lookout for the best mail app for iPhone because you are student, not employed, businessman or an entrepreneur. I am sure because people who are employed and have a job don’t bother about choosing the best iPhone email app or what email app for iPhone because they are under control of companies policy. So, let’s see how I can help the unemployed people simply. It is by telling you the best iPhone email app for iPhone to use among many mail app for iPhone available in the app store. Here I am not going to write the description of best email app for iPhone. I will just list the best email apps for iPhone, instead you can go to the app page and get to know more about it if in case you are an investigator.

To help you choose quickly, I only listed 5 best email app for iPhone with ratings.

  1. Spark: 9.5/10
  2. Astro: 9.5/10
  3. Edison: 9.5/10
  4. iOS Mail: 9.10 ( well you are trying so hard)
  5. Polymail: 9.5/10

Best iPhone Apps: best iPhone camera app

Top iPhone apps of all time in the photography and productivity. You don’t believe in your original iPhone camera app? well, I know that actually sucks sometimes and we have to defend our love to iPhone. Let’s secretly find some best iPhone camera app to cover it up and make android users more jealous. To find the best iPhone camera App let’s also make 2 min silence for the original camera app in iPhone.

Woo-ho! the List again, well the list of Best camera app for iphone.

And What else, what are other apps for iPhone are we looking for? How about some emoji apps for iPhone.

Best iPhone Apps: The 10 Best Emoji Apps For the iPhone

Top iPhone apps of all time in Social Media and fun. I will take you to the basics before we talk about best emoji app for iPhone. Because not everyone know how exactly the emoji thing works or to use the emoji in messages, third party apps and in instant messaging apps.

How to Enable Emoji on iPhone

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Tap General.
  3. click Keyboard.
  4. choose Keyboards.
  5. Tap Add New Keyboard.
  6. Swipe through the list until you find Emoji. Tap it.

And now check out the list of Best Emoji App for iPhone

This is our comprehensive list of the best iPhone apps available, from time-saving productivity tools to dating to food to fun apps. All I can say is Apple iPhone has great quality Apps.

Let us know your favorite iPhone Apps or your best apps for iPhone in the comments below.

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