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Interesting Facts About Artificial Intelligence & its future prospects

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is more common in science fiction movies. You must have seen several movies where Robot is performing all your tasks. This sounds very interesting. But, in reality, maybe you don’t know how far this technology reached till today’s date.

Artificial Intelligence facts

Facts about Artificial Intelligence

In this era, where the digitization is at its fullest, you can expect a rapid change in technology. Yes, quite rapid. But, are you fearing danger from robots like as featured in several movies? There may be some threats from Artificial Intelligence. But, right now, the situation is quite under the control of humans. So, you can thus be able to see the pros of this technology apart from some security threats. Artificial intelligence is the most upcoming technology that is showing a great future prospects. Learn the interesting Artificial Intelligence facts from our curated list about this technology.

Artificial Intelligence Facts: Suicide Prevention through

Fact is Artificial Intelligence can be used to help people in a much more advanced way that we can even think.  Last year, Facebook has developed an AI technology that can flag emotional thoughts. Now, it can easily track you if your post contains any suicidal thoughts. Moreover, it can easily intervene to prevent suicide attempts. However, this is not all. The Facebook team is still working to improve AI algorithms to help people more.

The robot equipped with powerful AI Can Repair Itself

It may seem to you like a science fiction or a movie but this is another Interesting Artificial Intelligence fact. Nowadays there are robots that can repair themselves. How?? They work on a hit and trial algorithm. Moreover, they are simulated in a way that they can notice their performance.  After seeing the low performance, they then try to repair themselves with a hit and trial algorithm.

Space explorations

AI can help a lot in space explorations. Recently, NASA is working to improve AI technology to send robots to space. This is due to the fact that Robots have no age limit like humans. Moreover, they cannot explore more in space due to several factors. This is the fact that you all know. But, Robots are not like humans. They have no age limit. They can travel and return back from their mission easily. This is the fact that NASA is so much interested in Artificial Intelligence.

The future of Journalism

Let’s look at some more interesting Artificial Intelligence facts. There are several AI driven tools that help in narrating news or write short stories. The days are not far off when books will be sold written by AI-driven tools. Some of the AI software or algorithms available in this world are – Wibbitz, News Tracer, and BuzzBot.


This is an AI-driven software that helps to summarize articles and narrate the news. USA Today has recently used this software to create short video clips.

News Tracer

This tool works on prediction algorithm. This is helping journalists the various developments in the emerging news stories. It can also tell you the score of the news on the basis of credibility. It can also help in linking the news items with several tweets and follow-ups.


BuzzBot is a powerful software that was designed to report from the Republican and Democra­tic National Conventions. This helps to crowdsource reporting with the help of several AI tools.

Artificial Intelligence can beat humans in games

The fact is that the World champion Garry Kasparov lost against IBM’s Deep Blue Computer in 1997. This was the first time when AI beat any human in games. After that, several incidents reported where AI won against humans. There are many names of AI software like Claudico which can beat humans in a poker game.

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