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Latest Android Document Scanner Apps for Free Download

Android smartphone means to you a small world. Here you can spend your whole day chatting with your friends, playing online games, surfing social networking sites and many other things. These are the things that you do daily to pass your extra time and overcome your boredom. Ever you used your smartphone to help you with studies or your business? There are many Android scanner apps that can solve your purpose.

This generation is a smart generation. There are many ways by which you can complete your work by making smart moves instead of working hard. So, stop working hard and start working smartly to complete your work in no time with Android scanner.

Top-Rated Android Scanner Apps available for free download

Don’t carry a lot of documents to your workplace, save paper, save trees and reduce your efforts. I have listed below very good quality and top-rated android scanner apps which you can download for free from your android play store.

CamScanner – Phone PDF creator

Android scanner                                                                                                                            This is a type of android phone scanner. It can scan any kind of documents like a receipt, Id card, meeting note, paperwork etc. This high-quality scanner uses optical character recognition technology to properly recognize, automatically crop and scan your documents. It contains several image editing features to add text and add watermark.  The document scanned by CamScanner is saved as PDF and can be easily shared via several sites like – facebook, linkedin, twitter, Whatsapp, email, and Google+ etc.

Fast Scanner: Free PDF scan

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This is another type of scanning app which scans a document with great clarity. It is equipped with several features like editing files, sharing documents, detecting edges of the pages, working offline, syncing devices and printing documents etc. This is an excellent and time-saving app which is equipped with multiple scan modes.

Clear Scanner: Free PDF scans

Android Scanner                                                                                                                            This is another scanning app that is available free in play store. This app is easy to use and it lets you detect the corners of the pages before performing a high – quality scanning of your documents. Other features include – Addition or deletion of the scanned document, professional editing features, easy sharing and cloud printing of the document.

Document Scanner – PDF creator

                                                                                                                            Document Scanner is a free document scanning app for your mobile phone. It has many useful features like combining multiple documents, optical recognition technology, save pdf in different modes, scan barcode or QR-code, professional editing features.                                                                                               

Easy Scanner – Camera to PDF

Android Scanner                                                                                                                            Easy Scanner is a free app to convert text into pdf. The app is equipped with awesome features like auto-detection of edges, filter, and management of documents.  Voice control feature makes it different from other apps. Just say “OK” and the document will be scanned.

Simple Scan – PDF scanner app

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Simple Scan is another excellent app to capture document app by auto-detecting borders of the document. It also contains several features like sharing a document, two-step verification, syncing devices, working offline, printing and real-time collaboration.                                                                                                   

Adobe Scan: PDF scanner, OCR

                                                                                                                            Although I have listed this app at the last, it doesn’t mean that this is not a good app. it is popular document scanner app for Android. Backed by OCR technology and other professional features, this forms a good app to convert your documents to pdf. This app is free from ads and it is easy to use. You can crop, edit and share documents easily in this app.

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