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Amazing Instagram Caption Ideas, tips and strategies for your Photos & selfies 2018

You finally took the one perfect selfie after many tries, or a perfect photo and now you want to share it online to all your friends. The only problem is that figuring out the perfect selfie caption or perfect Instagram photo caption isn’t as easy as it seems. Luckily, we’ve gathered a couple of photo captions that can be perfect for any situation. We found some cute Instagram captions and cool Instagram caption ideas for you.

Amazing Instagram caption Ideas

First I will share the best cute Instagram caption ideas to make it easier for you to figure out the best caption for your photo or selfie according to the situation. Let it be at the beach, party, travel, food etc. Like each situation is unique and that needs the perfect caption to express it awesomeness. So, check the list down on Instagram captions ideas.

Amazing Instagram Photo Caption ideas examples:

  • And the rest is rust and stardust
  • Crop your trees and fck your sleeves
  • Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall
  • Not your babe
  • Someone told me there’s a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair
  • oh brooklyn brooklyn take me in
  • Couldn’t stay to say goodbye
  • Screaming, crying, perfect storms
  • Tell her you love her
  • I’ll be right by your side till 3005
  • we underestimate the power of a genuine smile lived it
  • These city sounds never get old
  • New York City is my lifline
  • I Want it to be simple for you and i want you to be happy and i don’t ever want you to feel conflicted or lonely or misunderstood.
  • Trying my best not to forget
  • we’re reeling through the midnight streets
  • Cause if my heart can’t stop it, I’ll find a way to block it.
  • Human beings are hurricanes and heat waves
  • Don’t fake funk
  • Electric dreams
  • Get on our level
  • If you wanna find love then you know where the city is

Amazing Instagram Caption Idea: the Instagram caption poet and poem

My heart is in queens

summertime fine

Clear eyes, full hearts

Soulmate kinda thing

Life’s better with_____by your side

look at all this lovin

Tonight was magical (except for the Knicks loss)

Baby just get comfortable

Isn’t she lovely

You make my soul dance

Come on make me feel alive

Had a play date with nature today

from my pals to yours

From the above Instagram Caption Idea, it talks about the feelings , sentiments, expressions to make love and fun. Try to remember your feelings with your loved ones, the moments you spent, the good, the bad and the fun. Mix them up to create a Best Instagram Caption in your lovely picture.

Let’s look at the Amazing Instagram captions for friends:

  • I thought the i was dreaming when you said you loved me
  • Everything that I dreamed of, now I can paint a picture
  • Lost among a million changing faces
  • You can be my safety zone, somewhere I can go
  • call me anything that you can see the lightning
  • You said I can fix the broken in you heart
  • we move like the ocean
  • I still love you madly with every move
  • I call your name, you look right through me
  • This is what we call love
  • You are gold baby, solid gold.

Amazing Instagram Captions: ideas for party, celebrations

  • Let it be some jazz playing
  • Looking out at the peasants like #squats.
  • Lost in the thrill of it all
  • Keepin it surreal
  • Together we’d float so delicately
  • Yin to the yang
  • Show off your natural hues
  • Summer’s in the air and baby heavens in your eyes
  • I know you’re looking for salvation in the secular age
  • One night is all we got
  • Adventure is out there
  • Rooftop and all smiles
  • just hang loose

Amazing Instagram Captions for 2018: strategies and tips for captions

As you checked about captions, there are related in all situations, some of them are short, and talk about the situation. The other captions are like a poem and poetry which talks more deep photo caption according to the situation. Now, We will discuss some of the strategies to generate your own unique Instagram caption ideas with some tips, personal thinking and creativity. Let’s bring up the creativity and stand out wit your best Instagram caption.

Instagram Captions are more important as this is the attention gainer and might also help you increase more followers when your photo caption is so good and creative then people think you are cool to follow.

Yo, Let’s see Instagram caption Ideas 2018

Share your Funny Side: Make people smile

It’s always good to spend some time for your Best Instagram Caption Ideas be it the mood, the party, the cinema, the travel etc. just pick out the fun from your activities and share them in a caption! you have to make it out, because it’s you the one.

And we have a feeling you are too!

Everyone has a funny story about an embarrassing moment, a silly mistake, an awkward interaction and it is those funny stories that can make for incredible Instagram caption ideas.

And they get EVEN FUNNIER when you add emojis in your caption too! Also Sharing your funny side is sure to bring your engagement and make your business or brand more similar for your community.


Your funny photo captions can be short ‘Dad Jokes’ or they can be longer captions that share with your audience about that one time at the beginning of your business journey when…

Be raw, share what you are: Tell a story about yourself

One of the best ways to dramatically increase your engagement on Instagram is to share a longer-length photo caption that tells a story.

From our research the best storytelling Instagram caption ideas have these things in common:

  • They are 4-5 paragraphs in length
  • They start off with an attention-grabbing first sentence
  • They share a somewhat personal story about the person or brand
  • They are often shared with an image of a person, or a group of people

Sharing stories about your product, brand, or even your team are far more interesting than continuously reminding your followers to buy your things. Share about your upcoming activities, plans, be reliable, share your wishes, hopes and dreams

And the best bonus of storytelling captions? They will help your newer followers to trust you more, which of course is going to lead to more sales in the future.

Here is an amazing example of how you can tell a story with your Instagram caption:

If you are popping and want to write a bunch of Instagram captions at once, just remember these Instagram Caption Ideas.


You’re going to read a lot of tips and tricks for creating an engaging Instagram caption, but don’t let it get to you. It’s often way better to have something written in draft mode than it is to have nothing at all.

Even if it’s a “notes” app on your phone with a bunch of draft ideas. The next time you sit down to schedule your Instagram posts and photos, remember that even just a few bullet points as a caption idea (to help you get started) is better than nothing!

The First line of your Instagram Caption should spark their Attention.

If your Instagram Post is in the scroll, they have little time to read out your full caption. Here you can grab their attention to read and interact on your photo with your great first line.

Fell free to share your thoughts and suggestions. I am taking care of them 😉

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