Albacross Review: Lead Generation Company to Grow your Business Leads

Hey readers! Today we are going to serve your screens with the complete review about one of the trending company- Albacross. But first answer, Are you also struggling to convert your B2B marketing efforts to actual sales?  If yes, you got to stay little longer here with us.

Albacross Review, Features, Tracking and Pricing:

Today’s B2B companies put their total force and honest marketing efforts to produce actual revenue from their visitors. We have been looking into a lot of B2B marketers for the last few months and they really have something in common. They find it pretty easy to generate quality traffic from social media, AdWords and general content marketing tactics. Tough, the fact still remains constant- only a few percentage of the traffic, in general for B2B companies, tends to convert to something called a lead, that sales can take action on. The ability to identify, target and convert web prospects into sales is an attractive proposition for any business seeking to capitalize on their website investment. But what to do?

Over the past few years, you might have surely come across quite a good number of tools that help you improve your marketing efforts and results. But one thing you could have missed would be a lead generation tool that will serve multiple needs at once. Meet Albacross, the world’s first free B2B Lead Generation Network.

Customer Domain of Albacross

Now you will find out what exactly this company does and how it can help improve your lead generation efforts. But before that let see the customer domain of Albacross products-

Any company who

  • needs to convert their visitor into leads.

  • wishes to capture their potential visitor.

  • aims to track visitor’s activity and gain sales intelligence.

  • wants to identify decision makers.


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Albacross: Best B2B Lead Generation Toolalbacross

Albacross is the world’s first free B2B lead generation tool that is officially launched in US, after a test drive in EU. It is a web analytics solution that helps small to medium-sized b2b companies with lead generation and allows them to track existing online traffic. It helps organizations find out which companies and potential customers are visiting their website, helping users to turn these leads into paying customers. The solution automatically collects detailed company information on individuals who visit the business website in order to help properly approach them to close a deal. Users can create custom company filters based on factors like size, industry, and more.

Users can gain sales intelligence on how page visitors are interacting with the website, and which are more interested. Organizations can connect their existing CRM platforms with this company to streamline marketing efforts, and stay up to date on marketing campaigns with daily, weekly, and monthly reports. You can upgrade to the paid plan and leverage the account based marketing to show the specific ads for a highly targeted audience.


  • Easy and helpful tool that help you convert into leads.

  • Track your visitors.

  • Easy to install.

  • Intuitive UI and UX.

  • Exellence Support.

  • Free and Very easy to get started.


  • Small companies using general ISP access can’t be tracked.

  • The price point is a bit pushy, but in hindsight and looking at other solutions is not really that bad.

How Does it works?

Factually, Albacross is helping thousands of Customers everyday with identifying leads and delivering ads to specific companies. Albacross and its partners have access to information about millions of companies right across the world. Whenever somebody from a specific company visits your site, they identify them and check our databases to see if there’s a match. If there is, we provide all the information we have through your dashboard.It also provides a suite of tools to filter, organize, rank and reach out to these leads.

Albacross WordPress: Installing Albacross on WordPress 

The whole point of Albacross is to identify and reach out to high-value leads as quickly and easily as possible.

Features of Albacross Lead Generation

Features and benefits of using Albacross products are listed below. It is a best performance based marketing tool that helps you discover your reach and get leads.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Contact Discovery
  • Contact Import/Export
  • Lead Capture
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Segmentation
  • Pipeline Management
  • Prospecting Tools
  • Reporting & statistic
  • Visitor Identification
  • Visual Analytics

Customer Reviews

Our team have sourced Internet for the reviews of this company and it’s products. And we were amazed to see all positive responses. Albacross had been rated on Capterra with 5/5 stars. Below are the few screenshots of customers using Albacross.

Albacross Product review albacross review albacross company review


We hope we’ve reviewed Albacross company and product well. But don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself. You will definitely find it worthy.

Albacross Pricing

Albacross Lead Generation tool starts at 79€ per month and you can choose to target specific companies our industries with our ABM solution, that cost €20 per CPM.

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