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Access/Unlock Android App Protected with Password by Applock

Android app contains a lot of personal information and data in the form of images, videos, and files. Usually, people secure their smartphone information by locking each and every app with some password using Applock. But, do you know unlocking applock protected apps is easy, simple and quick. If you are curious to know how you can access android app protected with some password 🔐 then read more:

😀 Tips and tricks to bypass AppLock App No Password 😀


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Suppose your friend phone’s app locked by android app lock and you have his phone. But, you cannot access android app because you don’t know the password. Wondering how to Bypass or Unlock AppLock Screen Without Password? Don’t worry! You can definitely unlock it and open Applock with few simple steps and also there are several tricks to unlock and access phone’s apps protected with any type of password.

Ways to Unlocking Apps from AppLock

Weather you forgot your Applock password or want to sneak into your friends phone which is password protected by Applock. Then follow these simple tricks to unlock Applock app with no password.

😈 Trick 1: Force stop the Applock to access android app


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Go to android phone’s settings and tap on app-lock in app settings. Now, tap on force stop to freeze the app. Now, you can open up locked apps of your friend’s smartphone as it will not ask any password now and your problem is solved. Once your work is done, you can again tap the applock icon and set it back to running state again. In this way, your friend will never know that you have accessed his phone’s app in his absence or without his permission. This is how  you can Bypass or Unlock AppLock Screen Without Password

😈 Trick 2: Uninstall the applock to access android app


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Another way to Unlock/Bypass AppLock is, Go to android phone’s settings and tap on the app lock icon in app settings. Now, tap on uninstall icon. Now, you can access android app previously protected with a password and finish your task. Once you have finished your task, again reinstall the app lock so, that your friend would not know this.

😈Trick 3: Break App lock’s password by force stop the app lock

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In case, the above tricks don’t work. stay tight and let’s break app lock’s password with this trick. In order to open AppLock, you can uninstall the app lock icon in developer options. You can go to android phone’s settings and tap on developer options. In developer options, tap on process stats. This will show you all the apps running in the background. Now, scroll down to app lock icon and tap on it. You can now either force stop it or uninstall it.

Now, you can access all those apps which were password protected by applock. After you finish your task, you can again reinstall the applock to running state so that your friend will not know that you unlocked his phone’s applock.

😈Trick 4: Uninstall/Unlock AppLock when Settings is locked?

Locking the settings with AppLock is the most clever implementation to protect yourself from being vulnerable and it is the most common habit used by many. And this makes quite impossible to uninstall AppLock. But don’t leave it here, you can uninstall AppLock by third party uninstaller app such as Uninstall Perfect, Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall

🔐 Recover AppLock Password with Forgot password

In case, if you forgot your phone’s app password then you can also use the above tricks. However, if you want to recover applock password of your smartphone. You can easily recover it by following the steps given below:-

Go to Settings>>Applock>>Forgot password


When you tap on forgot password option, it will require you to tap on the send code to secure email link. Tap on it and app lock will send a security code to your email link. You can use this security code to reset applock password. You must enter the correct code and then tap on the reset password button. In this way, you can reset your forgotten applock password.


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