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The concept of this website is an effort to get the most out of your technology. We wanted to create an online community to make people life easier with technology by teaching them how to best use their screens and gadgets, have fun with technology, fix what isn’t working, and buy the best device for life. We are here to guide you practically, in straight forward approach to help you move better with technology. we research and post latest happenings around the tech world, this includes How-to, troubleshooting with devices, softwares, languages, tips and tricks etc. of various platforms and technologies. Looking forward for Teaming up with engineers and students who are interested in our project SlashBug. We are open to geeks and creative minds.  Feel free to contact us by facebook.
A Little Intro of,
Surya Mohan KUDIKALA
Computer Security Student at EPITA, Paris.

With a fabulous talent and passion in technology, a natural eye towards research, interactions, celebrating weekends and aiming his drive to succeed, founder Surya Mohan had over 4 years’ in the Information Technology field before forming SlashBug. 

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