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7 Kick-ass iPhone Hacks and Tricks iPhone Users Must Note Down Right Away!

Being an iPhone user, I’m still exploring my phone that has much more to it! Hence, while playing with my iOS device, I figured out Hidden tricks and some kick-ass iPhone Hacks & Tricks that enhanced my iPhone usage. So, I thought of spreading the word to help other iPhone users to explore some hidden treasures of their phone.

7 Kick-ass iPhone Hacks and Tricks:

1.Instant Charging

iPhone Hacks & Tricks - Instant Charging.
iPhone Hacks & Tricks – Instant Charging.

Now, though iPhone has a good battery back-up, there are some users like me, who happen to drain the battery until it dies and then we want our phone to charge in a blink. But, I have got a remedy for this. Just change the mode of your phone in the settings to Flight Safe mode. This will not only prevent the raining of power for internet usage but will also enhance the charging speed of your phone by 4%. Well, this is indeed one of the kick-ass iPhone Tricks.

2. Shake To Erase

iPhone Hacks & Tricks - Shake To Erase.
iPhone Hacks & Tricks – Shake To Erase.

Being a media professional, I have to write a lot both on my lappy and my phone. But, during my writing procedures on my iPhone, I literally fume up on the backspace erasing option, which is extremely tiring. Hence, once in a fit of anger, I shook my phone, but to find this hack – Shake to erase. Yes! It’s true, you just have to shake your phone to find a pop-up asking undo typing and you have to select ‘Undo’. But, note that the pop-up only appears after you have written something and want to erase.

3. Reset Post A Sudden Crash

iPhone Hacks & Tricks - Reset Post A Sudden Crash.
iPhone Hacks & Tricks – Reset Post A Sudden Crash.

Since I work on multiple assignments simultaneously, my iPhone sometimes gives me a tough time. But, one day I almost got a heart attack as my phone crashed while working. And while trying ways and trick to start my iPhone, I found this cool hack that starts your iPhone instantly after a sudden crash. You just have to hold the Power and Volume button at a time and tada…your phone is back to life!

4. Click While You Shoot

iPhone Hacks & Tricks - Click while you shoot.
iPhone Hacks & Tricks – Click while you shoot.

So, I like to capture moments by shooting videos of the important occasions of my life store them. But, sometimes I also want to click pictures of certain happy moments while I’m shooting. Hence, while exploring my iPhone, I found another hack that allows you to click while you are shooting. You just have to hold and keep the video button and click pictures by clicking on the upper left volume button of your iPhone. Ensure that you don’t leave your grip on the Video button as it will stop your video shoot.

5. Lock Camera’s Focal Point

iPhone Hacks & Tricks - Lock Camera's Focal point hack
iPhone Hacks & Tricks – Lock Camera’s Focal point hack

Another thing that annoys me a lot is the changing focal point of my iPhone camera. Every time I have to touch the square box to set a focal point. But, one day, I just touched and held the focal point for a second or two until an AE/AF Locked window popped up. Dude, my Camera focal point was thus locked and I was saved from the continuous adjusting. Now, isn’t that a cool hack.

6. Say ‘No’ To Poor WIFI networks with WiFi Assist

iPhone Hacks & Tricks - WIFI assist.
iPhone Hacks & Tricks – WIFI assist.

While WIFI networks help to curb the data usage from our mobile account, they are also slow and unprotected. And as an iPhone user, I face this problem a lot. But, do you know about the WiFi assist option that only recommends high-speed 4G secured network whilst ignoring poor networks? Yes, it really works but you got to have an iOS 9 or latest update to use WiFi Assist.

7. Battery And Data Saver Double Hack

iPhone Hacks & Tricks - Spotlight Search for a long battery life and data usage.
iPhone Hacks & Tricks – Spotlight Search for a long battery life and data usage.

If you ask me, I have downloaded more than essential apps, like many of us do, on my iPhone. But, this not only drains my battery but also takes my internet data making me 4G less right in the middle of the month. Hence, while searching through my General Settings, I came across the iPhone’s Spotlight Search, which allows you to turn off data for apps you aren’t using currently. This in turn also saves your battery from draining and thus increases its life.

So, these were some of my tried and tested iPhone Hacks & Tricks that make my iPhone usage worthwhile. In case you too are an iPhone user, then you can check them out for yourself.

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